Control and Coordination in Human

Control and Coordination in Human

Control and Coordination in the Human body is one of the important factors of human beings. This assignment covers all the aspects of this factor.

Control and coordination is something that helps human beings to respond, to make moves. Without this system, human beings will not be able to respond to any activities. The nervous system and the endocrine system of the body help in control and coordination. The aim of this assignment is to understand the significance of control and coordination in the human body. Different aspects of control and coordination and their systems have been described in this study. Different types of coordination and control have also been discussed in this assignment.The discussion can guide one to have a proper perception about this matter.

Description of Control and Coordination in Human 

The main control system in human beings is their brains; the brain plays the most important part in the human body. It controls every movement in the human body, what to do and what not to do the decision is taken by the brain, it is the most important reason it is important. Control and coordination in the human body is the nervous system, and also the hormone system, and together they are called the endocrine system. This factor helps the human body to respond to different stimuli. The effectors of the body can respond to different situations because of the control and coordination systems. The effect of the body is the glands and the muscles.The human body responds to the stimulus after getting instructions from its nervous system. This is kind of a wheel that runs in the same direction every time. Control and coordination take place in the human body through the nervous and hormonal systems, it is the reason these systems are called endocrine systems together.  

Need of this control and coordination in human beings

There is significance to every part of the human body, it can never be said that this part of the body is useless or there is no need for this part of the human body. Every part is essential and different parts have different roles to play in the human body. Like that there is always a need for control and coordination in the human body. Even it can be said that if there is any kind of need in the human body that should be the control and coordination. It is needed because the human body has lots of organs, in order to control those organs and functions, control and coordination are needed. Those organs require control because it is important for the survival of the organisms. In order to run the organisms properly, the fluids are needed to be controlled. For example, the human body secretes various fluids, fluids that are secreted from glands which are of the endocrine systems need to be controlled, as if it happens in a controlled way only then the balance of the body can be maintained. That is the reason control and coordination is required in the human body.

Defining coordination system of Human body 

Without these factors, the activities of the human body cannot be controlled. Coordination is the factor that helps in the coordination of hormonal and nervous systems. The nervous system helps in the coordination factor of the human body. It is a system that takes part in controlling all human activities. Without proper nervous systems, humans will not be able to take any kind of decisions. Malfunction of the nervous system can be a very effective disease. The body parts which are responsible for the coordination of the human body are the pons, the cerebrum, medulla, and midbrain. These parts control the movement, coordination and balance of the human body. 

Describing systems that bring control and coordination in human beings

It has already been mentioned that in human beings the nervous and the endocrine hormones are the main sources of control and coordination. In order to portray the endocrine system, it can be said that it is the messenger of the human body. This system comprises the feedback loops which are of those hormones that ate released by the internal glands. This is important for circulatory systems and also regulating distant targets for the organs. On the other hand, the hormone system also carries messages to different parts of the body and handles different parts of the human body. There is a very thin line between endocrine and hormones. The nervous system of the body is like a command centre of the body, which carries the messages which are regulated by the brain. The nervous system is the thing that controls the movements, and automatic responses. These two systems in the human body bring control and coordination to the human body.


This paper of assignment has been able to discover all the aspects of control and coordination. It has helped to understand how important control and coordination can be for humans. Without these system humans would not be able to make any kind of moves, they will not be able to make decisions, their organs will not be coordinated, and there will be no balance of the fluids in the human body. The control and coordination factors are concerned about so many things in the human body which are effective.