Miscellaneous-Important Dates

Miscellaneous-Important Dates

Indian history is one of the diverse histories; it has huge numbers of events that augment the history of the world with the assistance of impactful incidents.

Due to the diversity of culture and history of old, civilisation Indian history has crucial dates that are renowned for some significant events. It has been observed that Indian history has different types of historical events that make those dates memorable for a lifetime. These events affect Indian history in a better way and make its diversity richer. Indian history has started from the time of ancient civilization and the impact of the British Empire and other dynasties have resulted in major dates in Indian history. Primarily certain events happened that are recorded chronologically; it is marked as notable periods in Indian history. 

1757: Battle of Plassey 

In the year 1757, on the 23rd of June, the battle of Plassey was fought between Siraj-Ud-Daula and the army of Lord Clive. This battle was one of the major battles in Indian History because the Mir Jafar itself stopped the war and this action broke the heart of soldiers. This was a trap for Nawab Siraj-Ud-Daula, with an unfortunate attack from the British army , the Nawab was sentenced to death. His son Mir Jafar at the end and the chapter killed Siraj-Ud-Daula or entry of the British Empire started after this incident.     

1761: Third and last battle of Panipat 

This event was one of the prior incidents of the Balaji era; this war was fought between Marathas and the ruler of Afghanistan. During this war, Marathas were supporting the group of native Muslims instead of foreign Muslims. This is the prior reason for this war, at the end, Marathas were defeated, and this event was the starting point of Maratha’s downfall.  

1829: Prohibition of Sati 

Raja Ram Mohan Roy did this rebellious incident with the assistance of Lord William Bentinck. Sati was a superstitious practice done by the Hindu committee; during this incident, these committees forced women on husbands mildew after his death. This was one of the cruel so-called cultural practices done by some Hindu committees. This is one of the important dates in Indian history that is marked in a good manner.   

1905: Partition of Bengal 

This date is the most significant date of Indian history with the order of Lord Curzon this decision was implemented in Bengal, which reduced the unity between Hindus and Muslims. This decision was said to be taken due to the large area of Bengal, which was difficult to control. The efficiency of the British Administration was getting low to control this large state for that reason the current Brigadier decided to divide Bengal. The major reason for this incident was to divide the religion and territory of Bengal    

1930: Dandi March 

The incident of the Dandi March is one of the important dates in Indian history; Mahatma Gandhi led this march. This event was started on March 12th in the year 1930 and this movement was mainly made to create massive resistance against the British Empire for reducing thetax on salt. According to the father of the nation, water, air, and salt are necessary parts of life that should not come under tax pay. 

1931: Pact between Gandhi and Irwin 

This pact was done between Lord Irwin and Mahatma Gandhi regarding the Satyagraha movement. After Gandhi was released from prison in the year of 1931 two people from the East India Company started negotiating with Gandhi regarding the terms and conditions of the pact. Gandhi was pledged to give up upon the Satyagraha campaign and on the other hand, Irwin released prisoners who were imprisoned during that movement.    

1935: Government of India Act 

This act was made to make any other further provision for the national government of India; this act was enacted by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. This act was passed in the year of 1935 and it was implemented in the year 1937 in April.  

1945: Trial of the national army

The Trial of the Indian national army is one of the important date of Indian History; the trialstarted from Red Fort. After the trial, many officers were imprisoned and murdered by the British Government during the second trial. 

1947: Division of India 

The division of India was done to separate two states with critical mechanisms; on that basis, agreement of independence can be taken by the British Empire.  


After the analysis of the important dates in Indian history, it can be concluded that numerous events happened in Indian history that marked itself highlighted by its own. It has been highlighted from the Sati that Indian civilisation was orthodox and filled with unnecessary superstitious events that inhibited the proper independence of India. Apart from that, the previous event of the British Empire was another level of attraction. These events mainly draw on the internal battle of India that shows the war between religion and territory.