Letter-Word Problems

Letter-Word Problems

The term ‘letter-word problem” refers to a type of question that is asked in competitive exams. It is one of the trickier questions that involve multiple pairs including more than one letter.

The study is based on word-letter problems to explore the pairs of letters in a word. The purpose of the study is to discuss the concept of word-letter problems. Moreover, the study aims at exploring the word-letter test in the best way possible. The word-letter problem in the alphabet test will also be an area of discussion in this study. It ensures the problems that arise while solving letter-word puzzles in the exams. Moreover, solving word-letter problems have been proved to be a way of enhancing cognitive skills among people. These types of questions are usually asked to answer several alphabets.  

Letter-word problems 

The letter-word problems deliver the idea of answering many alphabets in a specific word, which has the same difference between them as in the alphabets. It is reported that the majority of students are aware of the alphabetic orders in English. It has been an area of study about the orders of 26 letters in the English language. It is an important topic based on a statement. There are several conditions as given in the statement and students have to satisfy the conditions as per the criteria. However, they are asked to arrange the letters in proper order according to the conditions given. The students can get the answers from the arrangements while implementing the conditions through a step by step process. The word-letter problems require a little bit of logic and reasoning solving the problems. The problems usually involve questions, conditions and statements. Students are required to read and implement the statements following the understanding of the conditions. For instance, the study chooses the word Mobile. The letters between B and E are I and L whereas, in the original alphabet, the letters between B and E are C and D. Therefore, in both cases, there are two letters between them. Hence, the answer to this question would be two. Normally the levels of these types of questions asked in the exams in India are quite easy but it can be tricky at times and give rise to a lot of confusion among the students.       

Letter-word test  

The letter-word test is one of the important and easiest concepts of Reasoning which tests the mental ability of students. This type of test asks students to find out the place of a word or an alphabet based on the arrangements made. The easiest way to solve this kind of question is to count the number of alphabets first. This makes students determine the letters easily that are in the same sequence. The test undergoes basic concepts and tricks including:

  • At the outset, the letter is placed in a forwarding order
  • Then, it is placed in backwards order followed by the placement of letters in the first and second half of the backward order
  • The process continues by placing multiple letter segments in the backward order
  • In the next process, the number of letters can be arranged in the middle of two letters
  • However, it can be done by keeping the position of alphabets at the same place after arranging alphabetically.   

Several coaching institutions in India provide the concept of letter-word tests to get students prepared for the competitive exams. It is one of the most commonly asked questions in exams in recent times. It is an integral part of logical reasoning that ensures a basic idea of English alphabets.     

Letter-word problem in Alphabet test 

This type of question is frequently asked in competitive exams as discussed earlier. In a letter-word problem, a word is given and the candidates are asked to find the number of pairs of letters. The purpose is to check whether the number of pairs matches the same sequence in the alphabets in English. There is a proper technique for solving the letter-word problem in the alphabet test. It is chosen a word that helps give a clear concept of the problem. Assuming a word to be Protest and to find out the pairs of letters in the word, the step by step process is as follows:

  • At first, write down the numeric code of the alphabets, e.g., P=16, R=18, 0=15 and so on.
  • Secondly, take the code of the first letter of the word from the left and reach the last letter.
  • Thirdly, going with the same process with other letters as followed in the 2nd step.
  • Lastly, the same should be done reversely once the left to right approach is done.  


It can be concluded that the word-letter problems provide the idea of finding out the alphabets in a specific word. It tests the aptitude of English while solving the same. The word-letter test ensures the reasoning concept, which is an integral part of the competitive exams. It is encountered that the purpose of the letter-word test is to check the number of pairs matching the same sequence in the English alphabet. It has been found that the word-letter problems are usually based on statements under where some conditions are given. Students have to logically implement those conditions from the arrangements made. However, it appears to be a confusing one and a bit tricky and requires some time to solve.