Verification of Truth of the Statement

Verification of Truth of the Statement


The process of verifying truth has always a background that can be from multiple aspects. The statement can be of any political context and related to another aspect also. However, every determination of the statement takes a justification process. The educational process and the teaching methods can share various ways to justify any kind of statement.

Verification of truth of the statement

There can be statements of various levels which also take a different kind of justification process to determine finally. Here are the questions that need to be verified as such similar options which also naturally match with the question. The questions can be of following

  • Natural context
  • Technical context
  • Political context
  • Historical context
  • Research context 

Natural context:

For example, it can be demonstrated with such natural contradictory aspects of the topic. To demonstrate a contradiction with the natural context, it can be stated that “Tree has life” the justification process for this statement needs scientific evidence.

Naturally normal people will answer “Yes” ‘ which is also acceptable as a reason for scientific evidence of the statement. Before the statement took place, the aspect of justifying the statement has been proved by the experts. The first and foremost thing for any kind of justification is to find authentic and related proof to justify the statement. The natural context of the opinion that has been mentioned is proved by the experts and the answer or the statement has been justified with the truth. Statements on the level of nature can be justified by providing evidence.

Technical context

Another aspect of finding the truth or verifying the rationale of any technical context will need an expert’s opinion. Such statements relating to technology can take a few minutes to verify the truth. Different contexts have their own process for the justification which can consume time. For example, such a statement can be of “Google may cease service” the verification process for this statement needs proper and authentic information. To elaborate the aspect more it can be said that the statement is quite contradictory to justify the aspects. The service that Google provides has become the first companion for individuals. In this context, the justification process can be evaluated with the usage percentage. 

Political context

The most general and contradictory aspect of society is based upon the ground of politics which has huge issues and uncertainty. The political statements and their verification process needs to be verified with the help of an analyzer and news of the related aspects. It has been seen that the political context faces huge issues at the time of finding the truth of any statements. Multiple leaders of political parties may deliver statements that don’t have any future. In this context, the analyzers of the related field have to collect more information to find the truth. 

Historical context

Another aspect or any statement that has such historical background needs to evaluate the contemporary information of that particular time. Any kind of statement that has such historical background needs to look back at the histories which can help to justify any statement. The more the statements will be full of contradiction the more there will be difficulties to find the truth behind. Usually, the historical context also has political aspects which need authentic and multiple approvals of the same statement. The main thing is to collect information on the level of the statement that needs to be justified.

Statements can be created by anyone however the justification of the statement is needed in case any contradictory opinion takes place against the statement However individual subjects have individual methods to justify any aspect.. In this context, the speaker should keep in mind that whatever statement needs to be proposed should have authentic information.

Research context

In the point of research aspects, there is also needful justification for any opinion that has been stated. The verification process of research statements needs more information to deal with. Research can be done on various levels that are related to multiple aspects. To deal with any professional statement that has been proposed by someone professional, take the most authentic information to justify the truth of the statement. In this context, the analyzer of the statement also needs to research the same aspect.

Verification of the truth SSC examples

In the exams of SSC, various questions have to be answered with verification. Such as 

A race always has

a) Referee

b) Spectators

c) Rivals

d) Prize 

e) Victory

From the above-mentioned options, one needs to choose the perfect one by justifying the reason in a broad sense.


In the above-mentioned discussion, many points and aspects have been mentioned to deal with the verification of the statements. The process of verifying the truth of any statements has a variety of options that can be used to verify statements. The process of finding the truth of the statement groups can be created with mates who can collaborate with each other to find the truth and its authentication. There are many ways with which the justification process can be performed.