Unemployment-Social Security Schemes

 Unemployment-Social Security Schemes

Open employment means that the person is knowledgeable and skilled however unable to grab the opportunities.

Open unemployment is the major issue that occurs in the country, generally, it occurs due to a lack of opportunity in the country. Furthermore, in the open unemployment, the persons are skilled and educated however; the person does not grab the opportunity. In the open unemployment, people are facing several problems in every field such as rural and urban areas. Furthermore, in the open unemployment, all skills and education are not helped in any sector and people become full lifetime unemployed. The reason for open employment is the lack of job opportunities in the country in particular fields. 

What is open unemployment?

Open unemployment is a type of unemployment that occurs due to a lack of opportunity. Furthermore, in this unemployment people can work however they do not get an opportunity to work. A person is skilled and educated however; people are unable to grab the opportunities that make him unemployed. Moreover, in the open unemployment sometimes people become full-time unemployed after getting the knowledge and education. The person can do work however due to the lack of opportunity in the organization or country. Furthermore, open unemployment is also considered a major issue of unemployment. 

What is the sector that helps open unemployment?

The people are educated and skilled however, they do not get the opportunity in their sectors. Furthermore, the person has only the option of the industrial sector, in the industrial sector; they get a job as workers. The person that can work in their sector, however, the lack of opportunity sometimes moves into the industrial sector to survive their lives. Sometimes, people prefer to work in agriculture in their lands that help to fulfill their needs in life. Furthermore, some sectors help the person to work in the organization or company.

What is the cause of open unemployment?

Open employment is generally caused by the lack of proper skills in the person, not providing better education, and or fault in the education system. Furthermore, due to the lack of job opportunities in the country that creates the open unemployment. Moreover, organizations always preferred engaged employees that help to enhance the productivity in the organization and not preferred fresher’s that cause the issue of open unemployment. 

What is the reason that open unemployment differs from other unemployment?

Open employment is not affected by the economic sections; this unemployment occurs due to the lack of opportunity and fault in the education system. Furthermore, in open unemployment, the person can do work in their sectors however not able to grab the opportunity. Other unemployment such as cyclical, frictional, and technological unemployment differs from open unemployment. Furthermore, cyclical unemployment is affected by recessions and it is affected by the fluctuation of the economy in the country. Frictional unemployment occurs whenever the employees are leaving their job to find the suitable job that they need. Technological unemployment means that any organization needs skilled employees and is unable to provide better training that time technological unemployment occurs.

What is the way to identify open unemployment?

Open unemployment whenever it occurs is identified by some basic points such as a person not being able to fulfill all the requirements that they need in their life. Furthermore, open unemployment is suitable for anyone to identify this. Open unemployment affects the production and goods facilities in the economic sectors. In the open unemployment, persons face permanent unemployment in their lives and depend on the industrial and agricultural for survival in their lives.  


The study summarized that the topic of open unemployment, open unemployment is the major reason for unemployment. Furthermore, in the open unemployment, people are educated however; they are not able to grab the job opportunity. People have only the option to move in the industrial sectors and agricultural sections that help them to survive in their lives. The reason for the open unemployment is due to blunders in the education system that needs to be changed. Furthermore, the organization focused on the engaged employees instead of the fresher’s that needed to be changed. Open unemployment is different from other unemployment. Unemployment occurs with different reasons such as structural unemployment occurs due to the changes in the economic sectors however open unemployment occurs due to lack of opportunity. Furthermore, open unemployment becomes a lifetime issue to the person that moves the person to different sectors. In an open unemployment situation, people are educated however; they do not get the proper opportunity. Furthermore, there are several ways to identify open unemployment such as people facing lifetime unemployment in their lives. In this open unemployment, people move to different sectors and it affects the goods facilities and production in their economy sections.