Unemployment-Educated Unemployment

 Unemployment-Educated Unemployment

Unemployment is a concerning factor for the Indian economy. The educated unemployment in the Indian economy has risen in the country, especially during the pandemic.

Unemployment in the Indian economy can be defined as the state or condition in which people of a particular age group desperately look for a job. Despite searching, job seekers are unable to find a job. In the Indian economy, the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) is responsible for determining the employment rate in the country.

Unemployment-Definition and Types

Unemployment is a circumstance where any person searches for a job. Unemployment occurs when a person searches for a job and is unable to get it. In the Indian economy, the unemployment rate is used for measuring the issue of unemployment. 

Unemployment in India is categorised into various types according to the Indian Economy. The types are: 

Seasonal Unemployment

– Such employment results in the Indian economy when people become unemployed during particular seasons.

Disguised unemployment-

This type of unemployment is commonly found in the agricultural sector of the Indian economy.

Vulnerable unemployment

– This is one of the main types of unemployment. The people of the Indian economy become unemployed when they are without contacts. This means that they are employed informally where they do not have proper job records.

Structural unemployment

– Unemployment arises in the case of an educated  person who fails to get a job. The lack of job opportunities in the Indian economy despite the qualifications results in such unemployment.

Frictional unemployment-

Unemployment results when people switch between different jobs. In the Indian economy, this type of unemployment is also referred to as search employment.

Technological unemployment

– Increase in the use of technology in the Indian economy leads to such a type of unemployment. The retiring age group who are unable to match technological advancement and are unable to upgrade their skills faces technological unemployment.

Cyclical unemployment-

This type of unemployment results when the Indian economy faces recessions in business. 

Educated unemployment

Educated Unemployment in the Indian economy is such a type of unemployment where the educated people search for jobs according to their efficiency. However, in educated unemployment, the educated irrespective of their searches are unable to find desirable jobs. Structural unemployment can be referred to as educated unemployment in the Indian economy.

Reasons behind Educated Unemployment

The most concerning reason for unemployment or educated unemployment is the population growth in the Indian economy. The country also lacks investment in certain sectors, which lessens the job opportunities for educated job-seeking individuals. The Indian economy deals with educated job seekers who sometimes lack certain skills, which are required for a particular job. In most cases job seekers do not agree to join a job which has less value or salary. Another important cause for unemployment is the caste system, which acts as a barrier for the educated youth. In the Indian economy, rural talented individuals remain backwards due to a lack of proper training institutes in the rural areas. 

Unemployment and its impact

Unemployment has a grave impact on the Indian economy according to the reports of the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy. The educated unemployment in the country has taken a paradigm shift, especially during the pandemic. Crime rate in the country has increased and the unemployed educated youth are more focused on addicts such as drugs or alcohol. In addition to that, the growing concern of poverty has led to a decrease in production rates in the Indian economy. 

Initiatives of government to control unemployment in India

Government to tackle educational unemployment has launched initiatives and schemes. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) was launched in 2015 to provide training and develop skills for better living. Start-up India Scheme of 2016 allows educated individuals to promote themselves as entrepreneurs. The National Skill Development Mission was launched in November 2014 to develop existing skills.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that unemployment in the organised or unorganised sector is of various types in the Indian economy. Unemployment such as Structural or technological unemployment is the category of unemployment that acts as a barrier for the Indian economy to develop. Educated unemployment is a growing issue in the country. Employment rates are measured by NSSO and reports are published accordingly. The Government of India has launched schemes to create job opportunities for educated individuals.