Time Sequence Test

 Time Sequence Test

Mainly two factors are associated with the term “time sequence test” such as date factor and time factor. One individual may be asked to determine the date or time based on the provided data or information related time sequence test.

Time sequence test is associated with appropriate prediction of required time, date, or a particular day based on given information regarding date and time. However, the “time sequence test” is helpful because this requires less time and one individual can get appropriate results regarding some other date or time based on some existing time factor or date. Time sequence test can be categorised based on two factors such as date sequence and the other one is time sequence. Time sequence test is beneficial for predicting weeks, months, and date and event time, and based on these predictions some precautions or measures can be adapted. 

Concept of Time Sequence Test 

The concept of the time sequence test is associated with numbers or certain figures from a particular sequence that will have to be counted or pointed out. This specific sequence will have a time sequence or chronological sequence. An individual will have to determine or answer the questions which will provide a time or date and ask them to predict a particular day or date or a specific time sequence in the future. However, similarly, one individual will have to predict time from a particular provided point of time. This is the main concept of the time sequence test and this is helpful for different competitive examinations. 

Time Sequence Test and Ranking Test: Difference

The main difference between the time sequence test and the ranking test is, that the time sequence test is associated with two major factors such as date and time and the ranking test is associated with another two factors such as position and ranking. Ranking tests broadly is helpful to mitigate the issues regarding arranging some objects or persons in descending or ascending order dependent on various parameters such as position, merit, weight, and height. Based on the provided information or data such as age, height, a total number of persons or a total number of objects using some specific formulas, a rank of some object or persons or position of some object or persons can be determined in a particular row or column. On the other hand, the time sequence test is associated with the determination of some particular date or time based on the provided time and date-related data or information. 

Types of Time Sequence Test 

Mainly two types of time sequence tests can be categorised such as time sequence and date sequence. In the date sequence, the provided data will be some date or day and based on this provided information another day or date will have to be determined by one individual. Suppose, the data has been provided in such a way as the second day of a particular month is Thursday and one individual will have to determine what can be the fifth day before the 27th day of the particular month among Sunday, Wednesday, Monday, and Tuesday. On the other hand, the time sequence is associated with the determination of some specific time based on the provided information regarding some other time. Suppose in this case the provided data as there are 20 employees in an office. The first of four works is between 7.00 am and 3.00 pm. The second group of 9 works between 11.00 am to 4.00 pm and the third group of six works between 12 noon and 7.00 pm. There are specifically three computers in that office that are frequently used by the employees of that office. So one individual will have to determine in which hours those particular computers are likely to be utilised most by the employees of those offices. 

Examples of Time Sequence Test 

In this section, an example has been given based on a data sequence where two dates or days have been given and one has to determine another day based on the provided information. 

Rabi’s birthday is on the 15th of August and Sham’s birthday is on 25th June. If in a specific year, Sham’s birthday was on Wednesday then what would be the day of Rabi’s birthday in that same year?


Total days from 25th June to the 15th August is (5+31+15) =51 days. 

So, 51/7=7 weeks and 2 days can be found in 51 days. So after counting seven weeks can be estimated in the second week of August to the date 15th August. 

So, 15th August= Wednesday+2days= Friday. 

So this can be stated as Sham’s birthday will fall on Friday.


After briefly discussing the “Time sequence test” this can be concluded that this particular test is beneficial for students, employees, and management also. Appropriate prediction based on the provided date or time can be done. If one individual is willing to predict a date in the future then they can use a date sequence. On the other hand, if an individual is willing to predict some particular time zone or time period then they can use a time sequence. However, as the “Time sequence test” is less time-consuming and provides appropriate results regarding the prediction of time or date, this is helpful to various governments and other competitive examinations such as SSC, GATE, CAT, and many others.