The Parliament of India-Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

The Parliament of India-Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha are the two houses in the Indian Parliament. In this article, we will be learning more about the two houses in the Indian Parliament. The parliament of India is the main legislative body of India.

Parliament of India

Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha is commonly known as the House of Elders. It is the upper house of the two houses of the parliament. In 2022, it has a strength of 245, out of which 233 members are elected by the legislatures of the 28 states and eight union territories during a single voting system called Open Ballot. The seating capacity of this upper house is 250. The president can select 12 experts who have contributed to various art, literature, science and social services. The term for members in the Rajya Sabha is six years, and elections are held every two years. 

Rajya Sabha meets up in continuous sessions and is not subjected to dissolution, unlike Lok Sabha. Both the houses of the Parliament can be ended by the President. 

Rajya Sabha has an equal hold in legislation along with Lok Sabha. In supply, Lok Sabha has the authority to override. In the case of conflicts, a joint sitting of the two houses is held, and the Lok Sabha would have more influence because of its more members. The Vice President of India is the ex-official Chairman for the Rajya Sabha, and he controls the sessions. The Deputy Chairman is selected from within the house to take care of the daily matters of the house. The Deputy Chairman will be in authority in the absence of the Chairman. The first sitting of the Rajya Sabha was on 13th May 1952. 

The Rajya Sabha joins and meets up in the chamber in the House of Parliament in Delhi. Since 2018 July, there has been a facility for simultaneous interpretation in 22 languages of India. 

Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha is the lower house of the Parliament. It is known as the House of the People. The members of the Lok Sabha are elected through voting, where all citizens above the age of 18 years can vote for their person of choice. The members represent their constituencies. They can hold their seats for five years or until the president dissolves the body. The President can only dissolve the house upon the advice of ministers. The house conducts its meetings in the Lok Sabha Chambers of the Sansad Bhavan located in New Delhi.

The current term of Lok Sabha was elected in May and is still running. Currently, Lok Sabha has 543 seats. The representatives can hold their seats for five years from the first meeting or until it dissolves. In case of emergency, the duration of the Lok Sabha can be extended by law. 

Differences between Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

The disparity between the two houses lies in the power and functions. Lok Sabha has a duration of 5 years, after which it is dissolved, whereas Rajya Sabha is permanent, with one-third of the members retiring every two years. 

Rajya Sabha is the council of states, and the members are indirectly elected by the representatives of assemblies and union territories. Lok Sabha is the people’s house where people can vote to elect their representatives. 

Lok Sabha has 552 members, whereas Rajya Sabha has 250 members. The minimum age to be a member of the Lok Sabha is 25 years, and Rajya Sabha is 30 years. 

A money bill can be introduced only in the Lok Sabha. Once the bill is approved in the Lok Sabha, it is transferred to Rajya Sabha for advice. The representative of the Lok Sabha is the speaker, and Rajya Sabha is the vice president of India.


Both the houses of the parliament, that is, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha have their importance and their roles. These houses are essential for the country to function correctly. The members who are elected to be part of the parliament also play an important role in running the government.