The Earth : Shape and Size-Landforms Created by the Action of Groundwater

 The Earth : Shape and Size-Landforms Created by the Action of Groundwater

Planet earth has several kinds of landforms, rock shapes, and sizes that have been created by water streams. The individual shapes can be seen in such significant geographical places around the planet Earth.

The importance of landforms has affected human life by helping them give the accessibility of arable lands. The groundwater erosion landforms have varieties such as Pools, lapies, sinkholes, and caves. It has been seen that these kinds of landforms created by Groundwater erosion have served benefits which are going to be elaborated in this project. From the beginning of the earth shaping itself, the variety of the lands created by groundwater can be seen geographically. The more there will be water flow on the ground the more there will be the impacts of erosion on ground forms. The erosional ground forms have their own characteristics which can also be differentiated on the level of their views. 

The landforms caused by the actions of groundwater  

  • Caves
  • River deltas
  • Terrace
  • Alluvial fan 
  • Coasts 
  • Valleys

The groundwater erosion has such strong effects on creating landforms which have been seen in the geographical aspects. One of them is the Caves. It has been seen that multiple caves that have been formed by water erosion have their own characteristics.

Erosional Sea caves 

One of the most seen erosional caves is the Sea caves which have been formed by the water waves of the sea. The sea caves have their own characteristics which can be noticed such as, the erosional sea caves can be round from the inside. The sea caves sometimes have sharp walls that can be seen as a result of sand mixed with water waves.

Talus caves

It has been seen that in such geographical caves Talus caves are also present; usually, the talus caves are naturally formed by the random boulder heap. It has been seen that such boulders which fall unintentionally in the rivers of any terrain go deep inside the river. The high erosional forces of water also impact the boulders and they also create such caves. 

The caves are one of the examples of erosional ground shapes created by water forces.  

The River Deltas are another example of the ground shape created by high groundwater flow. The geographical evidence has come to this point that most of the river’s beds are formed by the high water flow on the ground.

Water flow has such natural force or power that can polish the upper portion of the ground. The more there will be water flow on the surface of the ground, over a period of time the ground can take such exceptional shapes. The high impact of water erosion is one of the most responsible facts behind the shapes of the ground. The continuous flow of water replaces empty ground surfaces with fulfilling sediments over them. The Amazon Delta is one of the most well-known deltas formed with the help of high water erosion. As it has been mentioned before that in multiple places of the earth there are varieties of natural earth shapes that can be seen. The Amazon delta has been formed by the Amazon and Tocantins rivers. The Ebro delta is one of the well-known river deltas that formed naturally. The river deltas are formed with sand and earth particles similarly there are such huge River Deltas which are formed with the sedimental flow of water.

Sedimental River delta

The sedimental river deltas get such a unique structure with the help of groundwater flow carrying silt particles. These kinds of river deltas are helpful for the farmers. The more there will be the sediment flow of  particles, the more the ground shape will change itself with new forms.

Terrace landforms

The terrace kinds of the landforms are also from the family of water erosional landforms which can be seen in such geographical regions. Usually, the terrace landforms look like steps that are formed with a stable level of water flow. In the middle of the Amazon, there are terraces that can be noticed. The terraces also have varieties on the level of their looks which can be full of natural beauty. There are many varieties of terraces that have been differentiated with their categories. There is a terrace with varieties such as “Kame terraces”, “Marine terraces”, “Structural terraces”. All of them are naturally created with a high flow of water. 

Alluvial fan

One of the most important examples of grounded water erosion is the Alluvial fan which has also been formed with the high water flow. Naturally, such alluvial fans can be observed in hill stations. Usually, the question above the landforms can be seen as groundwater erosion has a difference between their definitions. Here the landform of the Alluvial fan gets formed with groundwater flow which brings particles called Alluvial. These kinds of landforms look like medium-sized hills. Similarly, the Coasts and the Valleys are also examples of Groundwater erosion landforms.


The above discussion has elaborated and evaluated the aspects of earth shape created by groundwater flow. Nature has its own intelligence and characteristics also which can be seen and observed geographically. The kind of landforms that are there in several places of the earth has helped people to farm the needed crops. It has been seen that the ground shapes formed with high water erosion can serve the necessary advantages that can be used to cultivate crops. However, it has been seen that the varieties of landforms are formed with the natural flow of water. In the above discussion, the definitions of the landforms have been discussed.