The Earth: Shape and Size-Hydrosphere

The Earth: Shape and Size-Hydrosphere

Effects of hydrosphere, Surface water, Underground water, Vapor, water cycle.


Hydrosphere includes the total amount of water present on the earth. Hydrosphere is a part of the biosphere. Biosphere includes atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere. There are some frequently asked questions regarding the importance of hydrosphere, percentage of water present on the earth and the effect of hydrosphere on the living beings of earth.    


On the planet earth huge amounts of water is present. The total amount of water is known as the hydrosphere. There are different kinds of natural reserves present on the earth including ponds, rivers, and lakes. Otherwise a huge amount of water is present in the form of ice and there is another source of water that is the groundwater. On the other hand there are other kinds of natural water reservoirs including in the form of water vapor. Hydrosphere helps to sustain life on the planet otherwise hydrosphere also helps to maintain the water cycle on earth. Hydrosphere is also responsible for the monsoon on earth. The temperature of the earth is sometimes controlled by the presence of water vapor in the atmosphere. If the total amount of water is considered as 100%, then only 0.3% water can be classified in liquid form, 97.5% water belongs to the category of salt water. Remaining 2.5% is considered fresh water. All the elements of the biosphere are interrelated with each other including the hydrosphere is interrelated with the lithosphere. There is a huge amount of water stored in the form of underground water. Living system on the earth depends on the water reserves to maintain their daily routine. In some cases the hydrosphere is affected by other elements including different types of pollution. Pollution of hydrosphere shows a direct impact over the life forms of earth.     

Surface water

Different kinds of water reserves including surface water present on earth. Life forms of the earth generally depend on surface water. There are different kinds of surface water including ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans. In the case of surface water, conditions of the earth surface play a major role. Different kinds of earth surfaces have different kinds of water holding capacity including sandy soil that have a minimum water holding capacity. On the other hand, soil types that have huge amounts of clay have the maximum water holding capacity. In the case of plants (producers of the ecosystem) they mainly depend on the surface water and underground water. Surface water can be divided into three categories including perennial, ephemeral and man-made. Perennial surface water includes the water bodies which get hold water throughout the year. Ephemeral water bodies hold water for a particular time of a year, these kinds of water bodies including lagoons, water holes and creeks. Man-made water bodies include the ponds and lakes that hold water as long as needed.    

Underground water

Groundwater is mainly found under the ground; it can be in cracks or in spaces in soil, rock and sand. Moreover, it gets stored in the earth and moves slowly by the geologic formations in the soil and rocks which are called aquifers.


Vapor is known as a substance that gets present in the gas phase with low temperature as compared with its critical temperature. This means the vapor can be condensed in liquid by increasing the pressure in it.   

Water cycle

The water cycle can be shown as the regular movements of the water along with the atmosphere and earth.  The process includes many complex systems as liquid water evaporates into condense for building the clouds. Moreover, it gets precipitated back to the earth by becoming a form of snow and rain. Living system on the earth depends on the water reserves to maintain their daily routine. 


The discussion about the physical geography has been presented through the different analysis regarding the surface water, underground water along with the water cycle relating to the hydrosphere. The analysis has been performed by generating many discussions about the questions like effects related to hydrosphere on the ecosystem of the earth. Moreover, the details regarding the effects of the hydrosphere have also been discussed here.