Substitution Coding

 Substitution Coding

Substitution coding-decoding questions is a type of logical reasoning which is used to check logical skills for students. In substitution coding, certain objects are given code names and students have to understand the correct substitution code for the object.


Substitution coding-decoding questions are a type of verbal reasoning which is used to check the reasoning capabilities of students. In different competitive examinations conducted by the central government and state government, questions are asked from substitution coding for checking logical reasoning skills. Substitution as its name implies practically deals with replacing one thing with another. In the logical reasoning portion of substitution coding, certain things are given code names and, through adopting substitution coding, correct code for given objects are determined. 

Substitution coding and its weightage in various competitive examinations conducted by central government and state government

Substitution coding-decoding questions is an important chapter of the logical reasoning portion and it carries significant weightage in various competitive exams for scoring good marks and clearing the examination. The central government conducted various examinations through the staff selection commission for recruiting candidates for various posts and some examinations where questions from substitution coding are asked are combined higher secondary examination, combined graduate level examination, combined defence service examination and so on. In a preliminary screening of candidates out of a total of 25 questions of reasoning portion 2 to 3 questions are directly asked from substitution coding in each exam such as CGL, CHSL and CDS examinations. Apart from centrally conducted examinations, the state government conducts various examinations such as KPSC, BPSC and WBPSC where questions from substitution coding are asked for checking the reasoning skills of candidates. Therefore the weightage of substitution coding by following the pattern of the previous year’s question of logical reasoning and it is necessary to learn this chapter for examination perspective. One who wants to appear in various central and state governments conducted competitive examinations must not overlook the chapter from the examination perspective. 

Substitution coding and its significance for learning this concept

Substitution coding is a part of logical reasoning which gains understanding regarding reasoning topics from examination perspective. It is necessary to learn the chapter from examination perspective for clearing various competitive examinations and it helps to strengthen logical understanding of students.  Substitution coding requires less practice and it is a scoring area for competitive examination. Time Management is an important factor in competitive examination.  However, solving the problem of substitution coding requires less time as compared to the quantitative aptitude section which requires calculation. Substitution coding is comparatively easy part of reasoning and therefore it is necessary to gain understanding regarding this topic for scoring good parts from the reasoning portion. Substitution coding decoding questions are asked in CGL, CPO, CHSL, and CDS exams for checking reasoning skills of students and it requires less practice and less time for solving the problem related to substitution coding. 

Substitution coding decoding question with answer

Question1. If Lemon is called pander, Pander is called sanitizer, sanitizer is called honey, Honey is called Ink and ink is called Lemon then which of the following is used for removing germs from hands and preventing spread of covid-19 infection?

Options: (A) Lemon, (B) Pander, (C) Sanitizer, (D) Honey.

Answers with explanation: it is known to all that in order to remove germs and prevent spread of covid-19 infection it is necessary to use hand sanitizers. In this question it is observed that sanitizers are called honey. Therefore option D or honey is the correct answer for this given problem. 

Necessity to learn substitution coding for scoring good marks in competitive examination

Competitive examination in India is conducted by staff selection commission for recruiting candidates for various posts through combined graduate level examination, combined higher secondary level examination and combined defence service. In each of the examinations conducted by the central government, reasoning plays a crucial role in deciding the selection of candidates. Substitution coding decoding questions is a part of logical reasoning and every year in the preliminary screening test conducted by the staff selection commission certain questions are asked from this logical raising portion. Substitution coding is easy to understand and requires less time for grasping this concept. Therefore it is necessary to understand this chapter from a competitive examination perspective. 


In the concluding portion of this chapter it is stated that substitution coding is a chapter of logical reasoning and staff selection baked relevant questions for the chapter each year for checking Reasoning skills of students. It is necessary to practice substitution coding decoding questions for scoring good marks in competitive examinations as it is easy to grasp the command of these chapters and requires less time for solving problems related to substitution coding.