Spelling is regarded as the process of writing or naming any particular letter of a word or the way a word is spelt.

The term spelling is considered as a formation of a word that provides a complete meaning or sense. According to English grammar, spelling is the correct order of various letters in a word. The order of a word differs according to the different languages or literature. The primary unit of spelling is letters or alphabets. 

Definition of Spelling

Spelling is a term that enables us to spell  a word in a proper manner, to produce a complete meaning through a word in any language. For example, the spelling of a word ‘English’ as ‘E’, ‘n’, ‘g’, ‘l’, ‘i’, ‘s’, and ‘h’. According to this example, the proper meaning elaborates the word “Dog” when it is spelt in a correct manner or order. Most of the languages have their own letters or alphabets and they are sequenced in different manners. The number of letters also is different in different languages. The letters enable the production of a correct sound of the words that are considered as a spelling of that particular word. Spelling is very important for a better understanding of languages. It is prescribed as a crucial component of communication. Moreover, spelling and literacy skills are directly proportional to each other. It indicates that knowledge in spelling skill influences literacy skills and helps to develop the overall literacy of a person. According to the English language, the spelling of masculine and feminine gender have almost the same spelling but these have a slight change of one or two letters that defines that one is male and the other is female. 

What is the meaning of spelling?

The spelling means a verbal expression of a particular word that provides a special meaning of the particular words. Spelling in a correct way helps the children to learn different languages or to communicate with other people. Moreover, spelling provides a better understanding of other people and their intentions. It helps to learn the correct pronunciation of the words and produce better communication skills in languages. In the present time, proper spelling of the word has a huge impact on employment opportunities in different sectors. Awful spelling skills may cause sharing wrong information with others, which may create misunderstanding between two people or between two communities. In the present world, 85 percent of people use social media and they are connected with the people of different parts of the world. The wrong pronunciation of words in the wrong manner may provide wrong information about a particular person. It also causes the spreading of the wrong information on social media platforms.  In literacy spelling is considered as an art of literacy, being confident in spelling the words leads to confidence in all the aspects of literacy. Different researchers found that spelling skill is directly linked with writing, reading and comprehension skills of literacy.

Misspelling and its examples

Misspelling is considered as the wrong spell of a particular word that does not provide a complete sense or provide the wrong meaning of a word. Misspell of any particular word completely changes the meaning of a word in all coordinates. It raises the risk of spreading wrong information among the people or to a particular organization. For example, if the word “English” is spelt in a wrong manner “inglish” then it does not provide the exact meaning in literature. Generally, miss-spelling occurs due to the accent of the different regions like USA accent have a different pronunciation of English words but in UK accent the words pronounce slightly different way. Few examples that get most of the errors in their spelling- ‘Foreign’ word sometimes misspelt as ‘foriegn’, ‘exceed’ is wrongly spelt as ‘exced’, ‘coffee’ is misspelt as ‘coffe’, ‘absence’ is mostly misspelt as ‘absense’ or ‘abcence’ or ‘absance’ and so on . These are the misspelt words spoken or written by many people.  The researchers showed that the wrong spelling problems create a problem in the literacy of any individual. The low skill of spelling lowers the speaking writing and compensation skill of a person. It impacts the communication skill of persons in different aspects of life also.


Correct spellings are essential in learning and using a language. In academics, workspaces and in daily uses, correct spellings show the average literacy skill of a person. Correct spellings show the knowledge of vocabulary a person has. One should keep in mind that there are many words that practically look similar in their spellings but mean different things. Also, with a little disorganisation of letters, a word can mean something completely different. That is why one should always use proper spelling to avoid misinterpretation.

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