Situation Reaction Test

Situation Reaction Test

The Situation Reaction Test is an effective tool for selecting candidates for specific job roles and it is the third step of the psychological analysis of candidates that help in the effective recruitment of strong mentality candidates.

The Situational Reaction Test is an instrument that helps the selection board in scrutinizing candidates. In the initial time of invention, this test was limited and continuous structuring helps this instrument in being effective for numerous fields of recruitment. This test helps to evaluate the reliability of candidates for selected job roles. In order to pass this test candidates are asked answers about daily life challenges regarding selected job roles of the test. It helps candidates in conceptualizing real issues and effective strategies for mitigating those issues. Success in this test helps candidates in developing their job efficiency as they are theoretically accustomed to job-related challenges. 

Situations Reaction Test (SRT)

It is a part of the “Psychological Test Battery” and it belongs to the third stage in it. This test helps to evaluate the psychology of candidates in different situations because in this test candidates are required to answer rapidly. In this test, candidates are asked about their reactions in certain provided situations and the answers of candidates in those situations help psychologists in conceptualizing the mentality of aspirants. Conducting this test helps psychologists in having a basic idea about the personality of candidates. SRT has different questions in different exams and in this exam around 60 questions are asked from daily life situations. 

Importance of Situation Reaction Test

SRT helps to make appropriate choices of candidates in order to make effective recruitment. This test helps to evaluate the understanding of candidates on another side. The ability of candidates to face critical situations is tested. This is mainly because candidates recruited in certain posts have to be productive in services and candidates have to face critical situations every day in-service period. Evaluation of mentality with help of Situation Reaction Test is an effective approach by the selection board because productive and beneficial candidates are necessary to achieve success for overall organizations.

Process of SRT

In the Situation, Reaction Test questions are asked in verbal or nonverbal forms and MCQ type questions are provided in this test. Candidates have only 30 minutes to answer these questions and with help of rapid answers from aspirants, psychologists could be able to form an effective idea about the aspirant’s personality. In the booklet, candidates have to choose from provided options for given quotations, and provided questions are related to daily life situations. Daily life situations are effective in projecting the personality of candidates sufficiently. 

Demand for Situation Reaction Test

During the World Wars, human civilizations were psychologically distressed and the armed forces needed a higher man force to overpower others. In order to effective recruitment in the military section, psychological tests were started. During that time candidates were asked about critical situations of the war field and their answers were important in validating their recruitments. Questions had been asked to candidates regarding problematic situations that might occur while continuing their job roles. It has been a successful process of recruiting and after that, this test continuously expands in numerous fields. In many job roles, professionals have to be calm so that critical situations could not affect overall institutions and in numerous job profiles “Situation Reaction Test” has been necessary to pass to get the job.

Benefits of Situation Reaction Test

At certain times this best is also conducted for the recruitment process for some posts and candidates are asked critical situational questions regarding their job roles. This helps to evaluate the understanding of candidates about their job roles for their particular posts. Identification of major methods for the successful job role performance could be predicted by psychological tests and psychologists help in developing effective ideas about the performance efficiency of selected candidates. On another side, through the help of this test performance credibility for the selected post of candidates could be effectively analysed and this analysis helps the recruitment board in selecting effective candidates for selected posts. This test is also effective for the selection board in choosing candidates perfect for selected job roles. In interview boards, verbal questions of these test selectors in conceptualizing mental strength of interviewing candidates and qualified candidates of this test are accepted in the further selection process.


In concluding part of this article, it has to mention that this test has been effective from its initial periods and effectiveness is still present for job providers. It develops the mentality of candidates to a strong one and successful candidates in this test are effective in managing critical situations that might be aroused while performing job roles. Candidates have emphasised practice for this test and they are taking help from different websites, tutors, and coaching centres. It also determines higher productive candidates that would be capable of managing higher complex situations during their job performance.