Shape and Size-Biosphere

Biosphere is made up of different types of components including lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. Biosphere also includes unicellular to multicellular living organisms. Biosphere  includes biotic and abiotic components belonging to the earth. Pollution over the biosphere affects all the components belonging to the biosphere. In a biosphere reserve, nutrient components are continuously rotating in a cyclic manner. Hence, none of the elements of a biosphere are not going to be lost. There are several gases including oxygen, carbon dioxide and many more that are present in a biosphere. Another component of a biosphere is the lithosphere including different types of soils and rocks. Hydrosphere that is also a part of biosphere content water sources of the earth. Biotic factors of the biosphere include unicellular to multicellular living organisms whereas the factor of biosphere includes different types of gases, water bodies and many more.  

Types of  Biosphere 

 The biosphere is made up of three major parts that are “lithosphere”, “hydrosphere”, and “atmosphere”. All of these parts are considered as biospheres. 


Lithosphere is consist of the outer solid part of earth, also known as the most rigid part that is made of “brittle crust”. The term “litho” means stone or solid part or stone. “Sphere” means circle. The components of the lithosphere are iron, calcium, oxygen, silicon and aluminium. The internal width is generated from the core of the earth which makes the construction of electric plates that made the move of the lithosphere.


Hydrosphere includes the total amount of water present on the planet Earth. Water is present in different forms including underground water vapour and surface water. Hydrosphere includes different water storage areas including lakes, ponds, rivers and seas. Hydrosphere helps to grow life on this planet.


Atmosphere using components of the biosphere that is made up of different kinds of gases that cover the surface of the planet Earth. Atmosphere always provides a pressure over the upper surface of the earth. Atmosphere spread near about 10,000 kilometres from the sea surface.

Different layers of the atmosphere are “Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere and The Edge of Outer Space” . 

Eco system

An ecosystem is a geographic part of nature which includes the plants, humans, animals, trees, along with landscapes, sea, and many other natural things. There are so many living and non- living things which come under the entire ecosystem. Every minor factor is dependent on other elements of the ecosystem. A slight change in the ecosystem can hamper the other dependable variables as an increase in temperature can cause slow growth of trees. 

What is Biosphere

Biosphere can be considered as the part of the earth where there is the existence of life. The biosphere can be the deepest root of the trees to the deepest level of the ocean, may be in rain forest or in the mountains wherever there is a sign of life on earth can be called as biosphere.

It can be considered as the whole of the ecosystem that exists in the earth. Biosphere can be divided into two parts: soil and ocean. It can be considered that a quarter part of the earth is covered by the ocean and the rest is covered by soil. The term “biosphere” came from the name of “Greek god bios” which means “life and saphira”. The soil and ocean can be discussed as follows:


Soil is the loose surface which covers the upper portion of the earth. Soil consists mainly of two parts: “inorganic particles” and “organic matter”. There are 4 types of soil on the earth base.  These four types of soil are: Sandy soil, Silt, Soil, Clay Soil and Loamy Soil. Mainly five ingredients are available in the soil such as “minerals”, “soil organic matter”, “living organisms”, “gas”, and “water”.  The importances of the soil is human nutrition, healthy plant growth and water filtration. Soil plays an important role in the ecosystem.


The ocean can be considered as the salt water body that covers almost seventy percent of the earth surface. Ocean contains ninety seven percent of earth’s water. There are five different oceans on earth representing different regions and they are “Pacific”, “Atlantic”, “Indian”, “Southern”, and “Arctic”. 


This blog post is about the topic “The Earth: Shape and Size-Biosphere” . From the above post it has been concluded that it is related to the biosphere. Biosphere is the upper part of the earth where nonliving and living things occur. This study also concludes the definition of the biosphere. The effects of the biosphere over the ecosystem is also discussed.