Number Test

 Number Test

“Number test” is a type of instrument that is used by examiners in evaluating the numerical cognitive ability of candidates. These types of questions are frequently noticed in national and state-level exams.

Candidates interested in or searching for a job has to be able in solving numerical problems and selection boards include this type of question in eligibility tests to test the cognitive eligibility of candidates. Candidates need to develop their knowledge about basic mathematical equations so that they could effectively perform a number series test. Aspirants who have government and corporate jobs have to learn solution methods of such questions to qualify for exams. 

Number test

A number test is also known as “numerical logic” and it is a type of question that helps to develop quantitative methods of candidates. On another side, numerous competitive exams are included to test the quantitative understanding of candidates. In this best candidate have to find missing numbers and continuous practice of this test helps candidates to develop their numerical statistics. In this type of question, multiple options are provided to candidates and candidates have to calculate appropriate numbers among provided options. In “cognitive ability tests”, number series questions are frequently asked. Some questions of the number test do not require to have higher advancement in mathematics, rather basic knowledge is effective in choosing the correct option. It has two major types and these types are “Horizontal Sequence” and “3*3 Matrices”. 

Horizontal sequence 

It is one of the most common and popular forms of number test that is used on higher frequency in cognitive tests. Questions in this type of number test candidates are asked to find out the missing number of a given number series and any values of a service that might be missing. Here is an example of horizontal number series test- 2 | 3 | 1 | 4 | 0 | 5 |?


This type of the number of test questions is generally found in “Woodcock-Johnson Tests”, “Ravelin’s Test” and “ACER’s Test”. A cross-sectional examination is required by candidates in order to find an appropriate answer. Numbers in these types of questions are presented in a table and evaluations of each value are necessary by candidates to match with the appropriate mathematical value provided in options. Here is an example of these types of questions, 

 Use of Number test

In the process of recruitment, these types of questions are asked in order to add higher value in scrutinizing candidates. This type of question helps to hire authorities to evaluate the cognitive cap [abilities of candidates. It has also added to numerous exams that are conducted by central and state governments. In competitive exams, especially in recruiting for Group-C, it has been noticed that they use number tests to evaluate the cognitive eligibility of candidates. Effective outcome or outstanding performance of candidates in this test helps recruiters in selecting higher qualified candidates for specific job roles. 

 Exams include Number of tests

National level exams such as SSC, NET, GATE, and other competitive exams use questions of number tests and use of this type of questions are frequently noticed. In some of the national and state-level examinations, examiners evaluate candidates’ cognitive ability and these questions are major evaluators for candidates in decreasing level of competition. In examination halls aspirants are provided extra paper sheets so that they could calculate numbers and appropriate calculations help in choosing the correct option. In these examinations, candidates are provided multiple options for a single question, and candidates need to choose correct options among provided options. Sometimes exam authorities select complex mathematical issues to evaluate cognitive ability of candidates and candidates need to advance knowledge in mathematical numbers to choose the correct option.

 Technique of developing strategy of Number test 

Questions of number series become easy to aspirants that have higher calculation capability about mathematical problems. Number series tests to some extent to solve these questions candidates do not have to be advanced in mathematics. But to solve higher complex mathematical problems candidates have to be an expert in basic mathematical calculations. Individuals have to develop their numerical senses so that pattern of questions could be recognized in a second. Position rules of numerical numbers have to be identified in the initial stage and after discovery of position forms, the answer would be evident to candidates. On another side, continuous practice of such types of questions develops cognitive ability of candidates about numerical problems. 

Types of Number Series test

There are a huge number of numerical series question types present and these types of questions are asked in competitive exams also. 

“Arithmetic number series”

“Dynamic Arithmetic”

“Geometric number series”

“Complex number series”


In the conclusion section, it is important for candidates in determining success to grasp jobs for themselves. All types of questions need to be practiced by individuals and continuous practice with proper guidance is necessary to determine success to pass tests. The ability of determining correct options in questions of number series is practiced by examiners to find out the level of eligibility of candidates before providing them jobs.