Number Analogy

Number Analogy

“Analogy” means comparison between different types of variables that are either of similar nature or different. Analogical discussions of numbers are going to be done.

The analogy of numbers is one of the most important things in Mathematics and is essential for the formation of technical algorithms. Number analogy tests help software developers and researchers to find the best alternative and understand relationships between number types and variables of each pair of numbers. It can also enable the researchers to find number pairs of numbers with common properties. Such applications are therefore very beneficial for physicists of all fields of physics and even collaborative subjects such as biomechanics and other fields of research. Analogy of numbers helps hence to calculate values of number series. 

Testing of Number Analogy 

“Number analogy test” is often used to test numbers for their suitability. Numbers are often replaceable and unsuitable for application in certain cases. Hence, in order to find proper alternative numbers for programming or lab testing applications, the selected alternative numbers are selected from a pool of available variables. It is here that the number analogy test is used. This is one of the most common means of testing numbers and determining their values for the obtaining of the accuracy of the experimentation or direct application. 

Number analogy test is a versatile and simple way of testing numbers for their suitability or application. This is most prominent in the case of applications requiring a replacement of the value (number) of a certain variable.  The process enables the calculation and determining of the relationships between numbers to test their suitability. However, the application of the relationship determination is bigger than just testing for number suitability and replacement in a series of numbers.

Choosing alternative numbers using the analogy 

Once the testing for suitability is done the choosing of the proper alternative for the number is to be done. Even for this application, the technique of number utility is applied. The selection of the perfect alternative number is crucial for the value allotment processes in fields of computer programming, engineering (be it mechanical, chemical or biological). Without the replacement of the proper value, the result obtained is going to be inaccurate. This is the reason the number analogy test is used while selecting the proper number of alternatives for the series.    

Determining Relations between Numbers 

Determination of relationships is the next step after the number analogy test for suitability and the selection of the appropriate alternative number for value replacement. The Number analogy test questions with answers are analyzed in this step to form the basis for relationship establishment. This is essential to ensure that the replacement value that has been selected by the applicant or user is going to yield the proper end result or else the calculation is going to be wrong and the replacement number is going to be similar to an arbitrary number that has been selected. The number analogy test hence also plays a role in the establishment of relationships with the values of the other variables in the series of numbers. The determination of the number relations has other mathematical applications such as in sensor calibration in electronics and robotics. Without the proper establishment of the relationships between values through testing the algorithm (especially related to automation) are going to be inaccurate.

Determining Common Properties of Number Groups using Analogy 

Common properties of numbers in relation to groups of numbers are also another function of number analogy. This helps calculation of shapes, angles and size and other things. These are to do with applications that take into account measurements and the calculation of properties of physical dimensions. Apart from the calculation of dimensions, chemical properties and other things are also done through the application of the Number analogy.

Number analogy test with answers exercises is one of the common tests that students learn to develop their understanding and practice their logical reasoning. Such exercises increase the calculation prowess of the individual and enable them to form a deeper understanding of number series and their applications. Hence, the number analogy seems to have academic value as well.   


In conclusion of the discussion, it can be said that Number analogy is an important segment of mathematics. It is also versatile enough to be used in various other fields that involve mathematics related to the calculation of values, properties, algorithms and dimensions. The students of SSC English need these for academic purposes as it is a part of their academic curriculum. Other students and professionals learn them as well.