Matrix Coding

 Matrix Coding

Matrix coding reasoning is a type of logical reasoning which is used for doing various coding decoding problems. In Matrix coding two digits are used for representing English alphabets.

In matrix coding reasoning, rows and columns are used for representing digits.  Basically two types of matrices are used in matrix coding such as matrix I and matrix II. Digits in matrix coding are represented by respective rows and columns. Matrix I consist of 5 columns and 5 rows and they are used for representing digits. Rows and columns are marked as 0 to 4. Each row and column consists of five letters but their order was different in case of matrix coding. Five columns and rows exist in another matrix known as matrix II and elements in matrix II are marked from 5 to 9. 

Matrix coding and its necessity of learning for cracking central and state government exam 

Matrix coding reasoning is a type of verbal reasoning which carries significant weightage in various central and state government examinations. Central government clerical examination includes banking; combined graduate level examination and combined higher secondary level examination in both preliminary and main examination varied questions are asked from matrix coding. Reasoning is an important segment of preliminary exam in competitive exam conducted by staff selection commission and institute of banking personnel selection abbreviated as IBPS. In both the IBPS conducted bank exam and staff selection conducted exam for recruiting deserving candidates, a question from matrix coding is asked for checking analytical and logical reasoning skills of candidates. Out of total 25 questions in the preliminary exam conducted by staff selection commission for CGL and CHSL examination 3 to 4 questions are directly asked from matrix coding. However, it is necessary to learn matrix coding for cracking various exams along with the state government exam. In state government exams including Kerala public service commission, West BengalPSC andBihar PSC, some questions are directly asked from matrix coding. 

Matrix coding reasoning questions with answers

Set of numbers is used to represent a word from given alternatives. Two matrices are used for representing alphabets given in below tables. Rows and columns of matrix I are represented by numbers 0 to 4 while matrix II are represented by numbers 5 to 9. Letter in matrix is presented by corresponding rows and columns of egg. B is denoted by 00, 23, 34 etc. while R is denoted by 54, 45, 76 etc. In this question you have to find out the correct representation of a word ROUND by using matrix coding and two matrices

Matrix coding reasoning and its significance

Matrix coding reasoning is a type of coding decoding problem frequently asked in competitive examinations. Matrix coding is a part of logical reasoning and it helps to strengthen logical understanding of students regarding numbers and words. In order to encrypt a word, matrix coding is widely used. Decoding implies a process through which a pattern is decrypted by following patterns given in the code. In competitive exams questions are asked from the matrix coding portion of logical reasoning for checking analytical and logical understanding of students. It is easy to understand and less practice is required for making a good score through this section of logical reasoning.


In the concluding portion of this chapter it is stated that matrix coding reasoning is an important concept of logical reasoning chapters. Matrix coding reasoning used to check reasoning skills of students and various competitive examinations, specifically examinations conducted by staff selection commission 2 to 3 questions are sure shot common from matrix coding reasoning. It is actually a very scoring area as it requires less effort to understand the concept of matrix coding for competitive examination. 

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