In order to view “Mars”, it is known as the “Red planet”. Generally, it is noticed all year with the color dazzling orange.

The “red planet” in our solar system is called “Mars”. “The“red planet” is built with the chemical of iron oxide and its chemical is rust. Therefore the mars ground has been made up of tarnish.  The name of “Mars” came from the “ roman god of war”. The “Mars” is a Latin word and its pronunciation is “{ma; rs]”. An agriculture guardian is called “mars”. 

About mars

The planet is Mars and it is known that the planet is 4th from “the sun”. The planet Mars has always moved in the region of the sun. The distance between the sun and Mars is 228 million. Generally, the “228 million” is known as the “140 million” mile. However, considering the distance of earth is almost “15 times”. The size of the planet Mars is almost the size of the earth. After the earth Mars is the next planet. The planet area is called “through the Greeks” and converting the area to pronunciation can be called “Air-EEZ”. The planet is associated through the Greeks and Romans with battel. This can happen because the “color of blood” has been resembled through its color. Besides that, “a rocky planet” has been known as the “mars” because the volcanoes, influence, reaction of chemicals, and quartz motion have altered its difficult ground. The sun has orbited through the planet Mars and its direction can be counterclockwise. Moreover, mars, as well as mercury, have a counterclockwise rotation in the region of both axes. The rotation of Venus is slow. The rotation of Mars speed is “86,871 kilometers” per hour and 86,871 kilometers converted to miles is “53,979 miles” per hour. The heat of Mars is approximately “-81 degrees Fahrenheit”.

Facts regarding the Mars

There are many interesting facts that need to be known regarding Mars. The facts are 

Water has been found on Mars in history. Frozen weather that is on Mars at present and in order to have a weaker environment Mars applied. Moreover, in Terrain few lows and highs Mars has faced. Generally, Two moons on Mars. One is known as “Phobos” and the other is known as “Deimos”. They are called asteroids such as moons. The search for water on Mars is very interesting. Habitability has been implied through it because people can live whether water exists on Mars. The environment is weak on Mars because in order to flow the environment we do not have water. Comparing Mars with earth, Mars’s ground gravity has almost 38% that can build taller volcanoes. There is a planet in our “solar system” that is known as the tallest “volcano” that is “Olympus Mons”. In the opinion of NASA, its height is “16 miles” , the converter into kilometers is 25 and the diameter of it is equal to “Arizona”. “Valles Marineris” is a canyon on Mars that is wide and intense. The Distance of the canyon is four miles, which is seven kilometers. In the opinion of NASA, the “red planet” diameter is approximately 21%  of the valley.

The distance between Mars and the sun is “227,936,637 km” and converting the km to miles is “141 million miles”. The time that has been taken is “300 days” in order to attain from “earth”. The earth is bigger than Mars and “4217 miles” is its diameter. This is the reason in our “solar system” to build the 2nd smallest “planet”. The permanent “24 hours and 37 minutes” have a day over “Mars”. The 1 year of Mars has consisted of a long “687 days”, that is more weather accompanying the earth.

History of Mars

“NASA” has applied their strategy in order to study Mars. NASA has applied robots and spacecraft to fly just about the “planet”. The work of the robot is to read on the surface regarding mars. NASA’s spacecraft has reached the planet with a near view and the spacecraft has Mariner 4 in the year 1965. Moreover, NASA’s spacecraft has the first and the name of the spacecraft is “Viking 2 and Viking 1”. These two spacecraft have landed on Mars and the spacecraft has taken photos and videos looking for the field. After “Viking 1” and “Viking 2” there are many spacecraft that have been grounded on Mars. In the month of January in 2004 NASA’s strategy travelers were grounded on Mars and water was found, they said and they proved that water is there with clear knowledge. They said that water is very essential to live. Therefore, they said finding water on Mars can help them to live on the planet.

Nowadays NASA has continued their target and their spacecraft is circling on Mars and they have analyzed “red planet” ground. A robot has to continually take photos and vie closely and examine the planet’s ground. 


A planet is a Mars that is like Earth; however, compared to earth, Mars has due sustaining features. Mars has no good proof of life. Therefore Mars has no accretive proof to live on This planet. To earth Mars is neighboring and its atmosphere materials are related compared to earth. Scientists have found that Mars has a thicker environment and has had sufficient water in its history.