Informal Letters

 Informal Letters

Informal letters are written for friends and family. They do not follow any fixed format. Informal letters can be written according to the needs of the writer. Informal letters follow the general format that is discussed in the discussion section.

Informal letters are used to inform family members and friends. Informal letters include casual letters in their writing that help to understand the feeling of the writers. The writer is free to write the way they like; however the writers need to follow the general format of the letters. The general format of the letters is discussed in the discussion section. 

Letter writing is an important skill to be developed, it is part of communication. Good communication between two parties is required to solve the problem faced by each party. The informal letters are written to inform something or casually invite friends and family members. The informal letters are written in casual languages and sometimes it may include some emotional tone. The informal letters are used for personal communication; therefore it does not follow any specific pattern or format. The writer can write the letter according to the situation or the requirements of the writer. 

Informal letter format

The general format of the letters that include the address, date, and greeting, introduction of the paragraphs, main body, and conclusion. The writer can use casual language in the informal letter. The informal section includes mainly three-section such as opening, middle, and closing. 

In the opening section, the writer can provide the address of the writer and the address of the receiver. The writer has to greet the receiver and provide the short information on the region to write the letter to him. 

After greeting the receiver in the first section, in the second section, the writer can provide a detailed discussion on the subject of the topic. The writer can casually write the sentences and connect some emotion in their lines. 

In the last section, they can end their letters by wishing regards to the receiver. 

How to write an informal letter

At the beginning of the informal letters, the writer can start with writing the address of the receiver with a date. The first thing in the letter is that the writer has to write the address of the sender. The address needs to be written on the left side of the letter and that is the starting point of the letters. The complete addresses of the writer should be written with the Pin code. The full address provided by the writer helps the courier to return the letter if they do not find the designation address. The address of the receiver needs to be mentioned therefore, their letter can reach the destination. The writer can start the letters by greeting the senders. They can use dear instead of their name such as Dear uncle, Dear friend and so on. After greeting the sender’s writer can come on the actual topic of the letters. The first paragraphs need to start from the introduction of the topic. The main body can be discussed in casual languages and describe the region behind the letter writing. At the end of the letter, they can write a warm goodbye to the receiver such as lots of love and best wishes, etc. 

Differences between informal letters and formal letters

The formal letters are written in formal languages while informal letters the writer use casual language. The objective of the formal letters is the communication between the professional while in the informal letters there is personal communication. In the formal letters, it is written in the prescribed format while in informal letters there is no prescribed format. The letter is written to business, college, and organization while in informal letters the letters are written to the relative and friends. Informal letters the sentences are passive while in a formal letter the sentences used are in active voice. The contractions are avoided in the formal letter while in informal the writer uses the contradiction to explain their emotion. 


Informal letters do not follow any particular pattern. The informal letters are used to inform,  share personal emotions, opinions, discussions and invite family members and friends. In informal letters, it is not necessary to follow the formal language. Writers are free to use a casual tone in their writing. The use of casual language in the letter helps the receiver to understand the feelings of the writer.

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