Industrial Revolution

 Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution is the change in the manufacturing history of the world from traditional manufacturing processes to machine-based manufacturing that helped in the shift in economy aiding the flow of cash, labour and much more.

The industrial revolution emerged in 18th century Britain, but later other sections of the world also participated and initiated their own version of this Industrial Revolution. The study also pivots on the prior cause of the revolution in the history of the world. It is noticed that the Industrial Revolution took place in many stages as the first, second and more consequent chains of this revolution. There are some key events that have come up as the emerging factor in the revolution like the factory system and steam engine. 

Industrial Revolution: Define 

The Industrial revolution is coined as the protest against the explorers of the industry builder who provided a minute amount of wage to the workers of the industry. Historians have a different perspective on this revolution in the industries which incorporate the rise in European imperialism, capitalism, effects of mining coal and more. The Revolution within the industries came into effect Firstly in the 18 century in Great Britain,  but later the rise and widespread of this format of industrial revolution arose in the 20th century in China, India and other countries of the world. 

The utilisation of the emergence in technology took over for the betterment of the novel aspect of living and working fundamentally within the transitioned Society of Great Britain.  

Industrial Revolution:

The industrial revolution was a phase of the tradition of old to a new mechanism of manufacturing procedure in Great Britain, the United States and Continental Europe during the year of 1760-1840. The concept of the industrial revolution had great importance and thus is required to be reached out to as many people as possible in the world. Some authoritative persons of French writers took initiative in spreading the news of the Industrial Revolution and some others like the English economics historian Arnold Toynbee. Basically, there are three revolutions in industries that drastically changed society in history which were the age of mass production and science, technological development and the steam engine. 

Importance of industrial revolution in world history: Overview

The actual importance behind the industrial revolution is the change in economic and financial power and opportunity for the general people in order to have a stabilised economic structure. In the latter half of the industrial revolution, it got intertwined with the French revolution, as the demand for new technologies came into play and the utilisation of superior military weapons was needed for a victorious purpose of the society. Thus, it can be stated that the industrial revolution has had a great impact on world history. 

Effects of the industrial revolution

The Industrial Revolution ushered in significant changes in economic and social structure. A broader distribution of income and increasing international trade were among the changes. To oversee the division of labour, managerial hierarchies arose. Most archivists, recorders and historians suggest that the actual reason for the revolution is the growth of capitalism, imperialism, coal mining, agricultural revolution and many more events in world history. The growth of cities and urban areas along with the shift in economic growth based on machinery manufacturing processes changed the social views. However, the negative effects included stress, poor nutrition, horrible living facilities and segmentation of society based on capital flow.


In context to the study, great importance and conversion of the industrial revolution are noticed. It also provides a glimpse of the fact that how and what led to the rise of the revolution. On providing an inclusive depth it can be observed that it concentrates on the different sectors at which the revolution saw its face. A wide view of the fact is also seen in how the first industrial revolution influenced many people all over the world to start off their own version of this revolution.

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