Important Dates

 Important Dates

History is divided into specific periods concerning the birth of Christ as well as several important dates that indicate vital formations of mankind.

The time before the Common Era is the period when mankind just started to develop. They learn different facts about living and surviving. Learned to settle and farm in one place before that they were roaming from place to place. Also discovered different metals, discovered fire that helped them to improve their living, and discovered the wheel which made their life a little bit easier. They learn to speak, talk to each other, and then in the time of the Common Era different religions started to take shape, people started to live in a life of dictatorship, some became kings themselves and made a kingdom.

Important dates of ancient history

In ancient times, mankind developed around 2.8 millions years ago. Nearly 10,000 Before Christ the people from the Middle East learned to domesticate animals like goats, dogs. Around 6000 BC the copper was discovered. Nearly 5000 Before Christ the civilization of Sumerian or Mesopotamia began. In this same era, the calendar of 365 days began. In the 3100 eras the first dynasty of Egypt evolved and in the 2600 era, Indus civilization in the Indus valley began. Giza the great pyramid was built in 2560 BC. Alphabetic writing appeared in the 1800 and 850 era Homer wrote the epic “Iliad and Odyssey”. First record of the Olympics was in the year 776 era, in the 653 eras, the rise of the Persian empire began. In the era of 490 Before Christ Marathon battle started. In the 336 eras king “Philip II” was killed and prince Alexander became the king who conquered half of the world in the time of the 326 era battle with Porus in the hydaspes river happened in which Porus was defeated badly and later Alexander died in 323 at Babylon. In 221 BC a dynasty named Qin in China began to build the Great Wall of China. In the 200 era, paper was first invented in China. In the 124 eras, First imperial university of China was established. 

Important dates of medieval history

In the medieval era, the most important part was the different battles among the kings in the whole world. In 4 BCE Jesus Christ was born and died in 29 Common eras. In 78 common-era Sakas in India invented the Saka calendar. 570 era Prophet Muhammad was born who later founded the dynasty of Muslims and later 632 eras he died. Year 1077 era London Tower was constructed, 1117 era Oxford University was established, 1150 era Paris University was established, 1209 era Cambridge University started to be established. In the 1298 era, Marco Polo published an itinerary belonging to China. In the 1498 era Vasco Da Gama first arrived in India, in the 1503 era Leonardo da Vinci started the painting of the famous Mona Lisa. In 1666 the tragic London fire broke out. In 1687 era mathematician Isaac Newton published the “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica”.   In 1783 King George of the USA made thirteen colonies independent and free. 1785 is the year when Napoleon Bonaparte made himself a lieutenant in the artillery of the French. 1795 era first pencil made from graphite used. The Years 1789 to 1799 were the time for the french revolution. In 1820, Antarctica was discovered, and the next year Napoleon Bonaparte lost life. In the year of 1825 two railway stations at Darlington and Stockton, it was the first railway for the public in the whole world. In the 1838 year vaccination was made mandatory in Britain.

Important dates of modern history

In the era of modern history, Charles Darwin put forward the theory of evolutionary science. In 1842 Richard Owen first said the word “dinosaur”. Famous philosopher Karl Marx wrote the world-famous “Communist Manifesto”. In 1856 First oil refinery was established in Romania, Suez canal was constructed between 1859 to 1869. American civil war, took place in the year 1862 to 1865 between the seceding confederacy and union. In the year 1862 first paper currency started in America and in 1865 president Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. In 1889 Eiffel Tower first opened in Paris, in 1896 Olympic games again started in Athens, Greece. 1900 is the year when Hawaii became the territory of the USA officially. 1901 is the year when the first Nobel Prize in Sweden was held. In 1904 the war between Japan and Russia took place. Albert Einstein’s relativity formula was given in the year 1905. In 1914 the “first world war” broke out and also in the same year, the Panama canal was renovated. 1917 is the year when the Russian Empire ended with the revolution of Russia. In 1918 the end of war 1 and the independence of Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine was declared. 1921 is the year when Adolf Hitler became the leader of the Nazi Party. In 1930 the first “FIFA World Cup” was arranged and hosted.  From 1939 to 1945 the “second world war” took place and in the same year which is 1945 the United Nation was founded for the peace of the world.


Important dates of the whole world history are stated herein in this assignment. Different dates of world history are stated precisely with division as ancient, medieval, and modern history. All dates are mentioned with perfect knowledge whether it is the ancient or the medieval or the modern. History needs to be in the mind of every person, as the important dates. So it creates a greater impact on this current life as much as important for the study purpose.