Geographical Discoveries

Geographical Discoveries

Geographical discoveries are essential for the process of discovering old artefacts and pre-dating geographical evidence. It requires several procedures of data collection and archaeological aspects.

Geographical discoveries are the process of excavation and discovery of important artefacts, sites and infrastructure. It is associated with the derivation of the old and pre-dating objects. The long long artefacts and geographical evidence that has been lost to the time is uncovered and re-discovered using several archaeological measures. There are several aspects associated with the geographical discoveries like cartography, mapping and other excavator measures. Geographics discoveries were mostly associated with 15th and 16th-century voyages and explorations and the curiosity of the age of renaissance that accelerated the process of discoveries.

Causes of Geographical discoveries

Geographical discoveries were mostly accelerated by rapid explorations, using sea routes and land areas, driven by the motifs of exploring new areas.

The process of discoveries was further conducted by the rulers and military governors with the motif of land expansion, acquisition and control

Geographical discoveries were also aimed at settlements and relocation in search of resources.

Results of Geographical discoveries

Geographical discoveries have led to the discovery of the southern coasts of Africa and nearby areas by the year 1488, which led only led to the expansion in terms of geographical discoveries but has also resulted in the discovery of native culture and their anthropological aspects. However, it has led to their severe exploitation that stretched for the next 500 years.

By 1499, Vasco Da Gama had discovered sea route to India and had successfully established Portuguese colonies, initially aimed for trade purposes however carried on to measures of acquisition and land control. Whose cultural impact is still prevalent in Goa

During the period of 1519-1522, Magellan had successfully completed a voyage across the world. 

These explorations and geographical discoveries had led to an amalgam of different cultures and the influence were significantly prominent in the trade practices as well as other resultant affairs of progressive measures.

The geographical discoveries have led to the outlining of the modern map as is available to us and has led to gathering knowledge of the flora and fauna of the regions and helped us become accustomed to the culture and customs of different cultures. 

Importance of Geographical discoveries

The geographical discoveries have had a severe socio-economic impact upon the people of the native community as well as the ones who had conducted the explorations.

European countries had developed new agricultural methods and got acquainted with crops like tomatoes, potatoes, and maize.

These discoveries have led to exploration in the field of knowledge as well, It expanded the domain of knowledge of botany and ethnography.

It has led to the discovery of new trade routes and established a form of new standardized commerce that applicable throughout the continents

Geographical discoveries have impacted upon the livelihood of the people, concerning their food habits, fashion along with other aspects of day to day lives

The discoveries have had a vehement impact upon the livelihood of the native communities although it has made accustomed and resulted in reformative measures regarding modern developmental measures.

Discoveries have led to the rise in educational reforms in the societies and cultural enrichment of people.

The discovery of geographical regions has led to several archaeological buildings and old artefacts that have further aided in the course of enlightenment regarding the long lost civilization and the associated cultures that had further shaped our history.


Geographical discoveries as gathered from the period of renaissance and the consequent naval explorations have led to the shaping of our modern history, outlining the global map as available to the common people across the world. Modern society has gathered the cultural progress and knowledge as discovered from the geographical discoveries has helped us shape daily aspects of our lives. Be it in the field of education, food habits, or fashion. The cultural influence as derived from the communities has paved the course of modernization as it prevails in the current time. The discoveries have to acknowledge us of various species of indigenous animals and plants.