General Events-Essay Writing

General Events-Essay Writing

The word “essay” is obtained from the Latin word “exagium”, which means presenting one’s own perspective regarding a case. Essays are one kind of writing that represents the writer's argument or the story or a point of view regarding a topic. In general, an essay is very personalized and has three sections - Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

An essay is one kind of writing that outlines the point of view of the writer. In general, an essay is frequently considered synonymous with an article, a story, or a paper. In general, there are two types of essay writing, one is formal (which is typically used for academic purposes) and the other one is an informal essay (also known as a familiar or personal essay, written as the writer’s own reflection). Essay writing is one of the most important parts of English literature. There are three reasons to write an essay – 

  • It increases one’s understanding regarding a topic and also helps to learn new things because it is the writer in terms of classifying and sorting out information and ideas to examine the source of the materials and also to conduct crucial judgment
  • It increases the capacity of writing skills and also helps to structure one’s argument and a capacity to write persuasively, coherently, and lucidly
  • It helps the tutor give feedback to the students regarding their progress

Process to write the introduction section of the Essay

It must begin with a sentence to grab the attention of the readers or at least it should be written in a format that begins with a particular topic or a quote

  • The writer must ensure that the intro must move from a general conversation to a topic-focused discussion
  • In logical order, the writer must provide the reader with the roadmap for the upcoming section of the essay
  • In the end part of an Introduction, there must be a “thesis statement”, which is one of the most crucial parts of an introduction
  • The “thesis statement” highlights the aim and objectives of the essay and also provides an insight into the writer’s evidence and examples

On the other hand, there are four main steps to ensure an essay is good, which are to grab the attention of the readers, provide tons of background information, provide a thesis statement, and provide a brief structure of the essay. Following this essay format, one can easily write a good introduction to an essay. 

Process to write the body section of an Essay

In addition to the ideas presented by the author, there must be evidence and supportive documents of a paper

  • Paragraphs in this section must consist of a topic sentence relating to the thesis statement discussion
  • There are mainly three ordering types which are “chronological order (time)”, “emphatic order”, and “spatial order”
  • There must be sentences that will establish the desirable flow of the essay
  • There must be examples supporting the writer’s argument on that particular topic 

The body part of an essay plays an important role in terms of proving the thesis of the essay, which is highlighted in the introduction section. In general, the body part provides an overview from the introduction to the conclusion section. 

Process to write the conclusion section on an Essay

  • This section must wrap all the ideas presented in the introduction and body parts
  • This section should include the key argument presented in the body section
  • Make sure that the readers are left with something to think about in their minds after reading the whole essay

Therefore, it can be said that conclusion is one of the main essential parts of an essay which summarizes all the ideas presented in the whole essay and force the readers to think about the topic presented in that specific essay. 


After establishing this writing, in a nutshell, it can be said that if the writing can provide the writer with some important skills and intellectual capacities in terms of sin through the degree for future employment. However, in terms of establishing a good essay, the writer must know for what purpose he or she is writing the essay to make it more effective.  Before one tries to write an essay they must know the format and also start to organize their thoughts and draw a draft, as it helps to make sure the essay will flow, otherwise, it cannot establish the idea the writer is trying to explain to the readers.