Five Figure Series

Five Figure Series

Figure series Problems are basically asked in the competitive exams to test the reasoning skill of the candidates. It helps to take quick and fast problem-solving ability.

Five figure series problems are the part of the figure series expansion method that are generally asked in the competitive examination like SSC, Gate, and ESE. The candidate must take quick decisions and have the ability to fast problem-solving skills. It also helps to build good comparison ability and ability of quickness in finding and problem-solving criteria. It refers to testing the ability of candidates to imagine a quick and proper solution. The figure-based question contains the geometrical figure, symbols, or any other pictures. Problem on the figure can be in a different way and different presentation techniques. 

What is the Five Figure series?

The five-figure series is a series that is the series presentation of the anatomical figure that is the representation of the manscaping that is described by the “Sendoff”. The five-figure series is the type of reasoning problem that is based on the image’s series representation. The pattern of the question has the five-figure in the same sequence that remarked in A, B, C, D, and E. The figure of the question presents the problem figure that depicts the changes step by step. The same way of representation of the answer is marked in the figure like 1,2,3,4 and 5. This type of problem is basically known as the completion of the way that processed for find the missing part of the nonverbal and the series that re represented in the form of an incomplete figure presentation. The series is the sequential arrangement in the order of letters, numbers, that are presented in both arrangements in the series that are obtained according to the basis of some specific rules and facts. The rule presents based on mathematical terms that operate in the place of the letter and the alphabetical order.       

Example of figure series

Find which number will continue the series





Answer number





Explanation: The representation of the figure that consists the multiple set of numbers in each box that represents in the odd numbers

Figure series tricks

Trick 1: Consider a figure named as A and it will come repeatedly that will change in the position of figure A. In the examination, if the examiner present to find the incorrect or missing pattern in the given series. Then the figure presents the identification of the figure based on the answer. The presentation and the trick where the images present the reverse arrangement and another representation in another word. The image of the objects that change the side in each figure shows the object that is changed from the right side to the left side. 

The number of mirror images will consist of the number of the mirror image problem. The changes such as the left side represent the number that will come on the side of the left originations. 

Letter mirror image problems will change and the letter presentation refers to presenting the right-side specification. The letter will come on the right side and the right side. The letter will come on the left side that presents the simple techniques of the solution.

The geometric image solution presents the clock and the time that the question has been asked. The trick presents the clock in the front of the mirror and the total difference in real-time.

Mix mirror images rule improves the question-solving ability and contains the asking mixed type such as the alphabet and the number. The problem-solves based on the need to understand the rules and the number and the letter segmentation.

Shape mirror image presents the problem on the various types of images such as problem; Ems are there. The shape will change and the left side area conversion presents the changes in the side of the left side that shapes that overcome in the right side.

Properties of Five figure series

In such types of questions that have arisen in the common groups that belong to the group of the properties and it belongs to one of another group. 

The candidate can process with the innovation of the given presentation and the series such as the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and is found in the correct answer.

Arrangement of the number series that the candidate can show the need for rearrangement of the given series in forms using the various processes.

Types of Figure series

Alternative series is a series of reasoning that operates with the number of alternatively in number series

Mixed operative series presents the number of series in the reasoning, multiple number patterns, and get the next number series that forms in the series.

The arrangement number series presents the series reasoning and the candidates that te the rearrangement of the specified and the given answer question.


This conclusion discusses the five-figure series that helps in the reasoning pattern question solution asked in the competitive exams like Gate and ESE. A major part of the Five figure series question has been based on the tricks and the mathematical rules. The five-figure presents the pattern-based question in the competitive examination. The series of problems have different types and different solving techniques that help to make quick decisions and the ability to solve fast problem-solving skills. It includes the types of series problems and the various types of tricks to solve the series-based problems.