Emotional Intelligence Questions

 Emotional Intelligence Questions

Emotional intelligence is the technique of performing a task with smartness and emotions. In this article, we will learn about emotional intelligence and questions based on it with the help of examples.

The capacity for abstraction, logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. An intelligent quotient (IQ) is the measure of one’s intelligence. A person with a higher IQ is considered more intelligent. Similar to IQ, Emotional intelligence or EQ is the ability of a person to learn self intelligence and, according to that, face the problems.

Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions while being intelligent with emotions. Emotional intelligence questions are asked to judge the ability of the candidate to use his intelligence in different situations with being aware of people’s feelings.

Emotional intelligence Question

The EQ test can determine the emotional intelligence of any person. In the EQ test, the questions based on emotional intelligence are generally multiple choice type questions (MCQ). A candidate is asked to choose the appropriate options from these options according to the given situation. There are some examples with answers given below to better understand the topic and the questions asked in emotional intelligence.

1. Assume you are going somewhere by train. You have seen a person fall off from your coach. What would you do?

Wait until the next train stop arises and then tell the incident authorities.

Pull the emergency chain to stop the train.

You also jump off from the coach to help the falling person .

Shout to the person who is falling to react quickly and return to the train.


2) According to the problem, the falling man seeks help as soon as possible. This can be done by pulling an emergency chain.

2. Assume you are going somewhere by bus. You have noticed that someone has left a wallet. What would you do?

Donate the money from the wallet to the needy.

Would not touch the wallet and let it in its place.

Give it to the conductor of the bus.

With the help of information available in the wallet, you would try to find its owner and inform them about the situation.

Take the wallet along with you and spend the money for yourself.


4) Emotional intelligence is, to be honest. You need to find and inform the owner to return it in this situation.

3. You are walking on a road and find an old man who has forgotten his way. You would,

Ignore the old man and continue to walk on your path.

Provide him with some money and let him go.

Tell him to contact the police station and leave the place.

Gather the information from the old man about his address and lead him accurately.


4) In this situation, you need to take over and help the old man reach his place.

4. Assume that you are the head of the office in which you work. An employee of this company was turned off for work as his mother was ill. What would you do?

Shout the employee and warn him to work properly.

Ask about his mother’s condition and suggest he inform you when he takes leave.

Ask him about his mother’s condition and provide him with a leave.

Let him relax.


2) Being the head of the office, you are responsible for your employees, but you have to tackle any situation so that the company suffers the least.

5. While going to the office, your friend thought of visiting your house on his way. You would,

Not assist him.

Offer your friend some refreshments and ask him to have some.

Ask him to spend at least a quarter of an hour with you.

Avoid him awkwardly and not do anything for him.


3) When a friend visits your home, it is common to ask him to spend some time.

6. Suppose you are playing a game of football with your friends. Your kick injured one of your friends, and blood started to come out from his nose. What would you do?

Try to blame someone else.

Take him to the first aid room.

Frightened and left the field.

Start fighting with their friend and tell them that it’s all his fault as he came in the way.


2) In this case, the priority should be to provide first aid to the injured friend.

Tips to Solve Emotional intelligence Question

It is always difficult to approach the emotional intelligence question. An examiner gives many confusing situations where more than one option looks accurate. There are some important tips listed below to solve the question based on emotional intelligence quickly and accurately.

Accept the situation given in the question, whether it is speculative or hypothetical.

Always keep an ideal approach to start the question related to emotional intelligence.

Read the given question more than one time. It will help you to get the question completely.

Always use the presence of mind.

While approaching a question, you should be honest and keep the care of the feelings of everyone present in the situation.

Practise more and more such questions to be habitual with different situations and approaches related to them.


Emotional intelligence is the ability of one to take an accurate and responsible decision in a specific situation while being emotional towards the feelings of others. By asking about the problems regarding emotional intelligence, an examiner tries to obtain the qualities of a candidate, such as honesty, leadership, intelligence, sympathy towards others etc. The optimum approach for the question based on emotional intelligence is positive thinking.