Detecting the Wrong Figure in a Series

Detecting the Wrong Figure in a Series

In a figure series, the wrong figures can be determined by the incorrect pattern of the figure on completion of the series.

A wrong series figure within the series pattern can be detected by proper knowledge and understanding of how to solve the actual puzzle problem of the series. While solving a series patterned question it can be determined that the question has a  specific pattern that it is following like the clockwise, anticlockwise, mirror image and the water images pattern following. In the reasoning section of the governmental exam and other aptitude exams, this question of figure series is very common. So, it is vital to follow the pattern, formula for finding the wrong and correct figures within the series system. 

Detecting the wrong figure in a series 

In order to detect the wrong figure within a series, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the actual capability of pinpointing the missing series. In reasoning, it has two sections or categories of it one verbal and another is non-verbal. The series pattern of a question falls under the category of non-verbal reasoning. The best way to understand the meaning and formula of understanding the wrong figure series can be done with the help of an example which is enlisted in the below point for a better understanding of the subject matter. 

These questions come in an MCQ format for the test conduction of the wrong figure series.  In different question formats of the wrong series question, it can be observed that one of the many answers is surely wrong that is present in the question figure just to confuse the candidates. These wrong detection in the series question can be done with the aid of observing the exact pattern of the figure that has a specific rule or formation. If there is any unusual change noticed in the series question figure of the reasoning it is to understand and detect that it is the wrong figure for the question pattern. 

Wrong figure in a series of question

The reasoning is an important part of any aptitude test or studies to analyse and evaluate the intelligence and logical thinking of the examinee. Based on this, the student’s performance is evaluated and analysed in the examination or the aptitude test of both private and government examinations. The wrong figure within the series question is incorporated as part of providing different values or figures or numbers to complete the pattern of the question in reasoning. Wrong question figures in a series can be detected on analysis of relevant figures. The other figures that are present within the questions of the figure series are not completely irrelevant and outsourced but each of the other figures along with the correct answer figure in the series have some connection or context with the actual answer figure. 

Detecting the wrong figure in a series with an example

The best way to make sure a better understanding of the wrong figure within a series question can be analysed and it is listed in the below section.

Figure 1: Finding the wrong series figure

In this example figure, it can be observed that the question figure has a specific format, while there are four solution answers provided with the figure series question.  If a keen observation is paid to this example, it can be noticed that the figure is following a specific pattern that is it is taking a rotation of 45 degrees and 90 degrees alternatively within the figures.  The line segment is getting turned on the other side of the arrow in first, second, fifth, sixth and more turns. 


The study highlights the importance of learning the series topic in order for achieving a good grip of the subject. It also pivots on the significance of the study of reasoning as it is one of the vital subjects that secure the maximum marks for examinees who opt for such questions and answers. The study also provides a glimpse of the study, where this series pattern and wrong figure series questions are utilised like Railway, IBPS, SSC and other different both government and aptitude exams of the private sectors. Detection of the wrong figure series can only be determined if the candidate has exact knowledge of the correct figure series in reasoning. 

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