Detecting the Incorrect Order in a Series

Detecting the Incorrect Order in a Series

Detection of incorrect order in a series can be referred to as the change in sequential pattern that can be alphabetical, numerical and figure format.


The study concentrates on the detection and pinpointing of wrong or incorrect series order in a question. It can include the incorrect order series of numbers, alphabet or figures in the question formulation of the reasoning. This kind of question requires a logical, analogical understanding of the question in order to solve or find the desired solution of this series of patterns of reasoning. The best way to analyse the incorrect formation of the question and answer series can be obtained by a keen observation of the reasoning subject. 

Detecting the incorrect order in a series

The primary way to detect the incorrect order in the series format of reasoning is achieved by incorporating proper observation on the question and other MCQ given answer figures of the statement. Siting an example for better evaluation and understanding of the incorrect order in the series part, it is described in the below action.

Figure 1: Detection of incorrect order in series

The puzzle of the series can be acquired by incorporating the interchange of any figure from 1 to 4 and if it is believed that the series is already completed then 5 should be chosen as the answer to the question series in reasoning. If proper focus is laid on the first or the question figure, it can be seen that the outer main pattern of the figure rotates at 90 degree ACW (anticlockwise). In the later half it can be seen that the figure turns into CW (clockwise) end element, the other CW element becomes the middle and furthermore in the final stage, the CW element turns to the prior element. Thus, this incorrect order of series was established without the changes or alternation.

Incorrect order in a series Example

In regards to the incorrect series format of the question, it can be viewed that the provided sample question has a pattern that is followed by the series but there is an interruption in the question format of the series of reasoning that is discussed below.

Figure 2: Example of incorrect order within a series (alphabetic)

Through this example, it can be observed that the series follows a rhythm. The letter can be seen accumulating in a group of three that are placed in each blank. Thus, it can be inferred that we get abcabcabcabc. On observing it can be concluded that it has a cyclic order that has abc in the initials, bca from the b and cba from the c. So, option C is the only one that follows the correct pattern of the series system and the rest A, B, D are all incorrect orders of series.

Incorrect order in a series example question

In the incorrect order of series question sample examples, a proper description can be provided for proper understanding of this structure of reading and this is discussed in the below section.

Figure 3: Incorrect order example in a series question (numerical)

From the question figure, it can be inferred that the numerical series pattern has a formula that it abides by like here, the series follows an alternative series format where 2+2 becomes four, 2+ 4 turns 6 and 2+ 6 gives 8. Similarly in the next half of the series, a subtraction method is proceeded with like 29-4 is 25, 25-4 is equal to 21 and 21-4 = 17. So, it can be stated that any number other than 21 is all incorrect order within the given question of the series pattern.


The study highlights the importance and significance of the detection of incorrect order within a series pattern. It also pivots on the necessity of this series pattern and getting a clear idea about the actual importance of this topic of reasoning. A wide perspective is witnessed on the importance of this subject in various examinations. The study also provides a glimpse of the question that determines the actual evaluation of the incorrect order in a series of reasoning. The best way to incorporate the statement of understanding of this pattern can be done through an example session that is discussed in the above-mentioned points.