Choosing the Missing Figure in a Series

Choosing the Missing Figure in a Series

In non-verbal reasoning, the missing figure or number in a series can be found in the specific rules for the completion of the series pattern.


The reasoning is an integral part of SSC examination where the series is an important chapter that deals with the sequential order of alphabetical order, number or figure with a specific rule or formula in order to complete the pattern or series of this arrangement. Series figure question-solving problems come under the category of non-verbal reasoning. This chapter of the series figures approximately 20% of the questions based on this. In order to find the missing number in a figure series, it is crucial to abide by some particular formula and understanding to bring the correct pattern of this missing series solution. 

This pattern of missing figure series questions can be found in different examination questions like SSC, Banking, Railway, TET, UPSC, and IBPS. Each government examination has various kinds of reasoning that include different formats of the missing figure question but the basics remain the same. 

Choosing the missing figure in a series   

The numerical or missing figure question pattern is performed in order to test and analyze the mathematical and reasoning skills of a candidate applying for the SSC examination. Figure series completion is considered in the procedure of finding missing figures in the non-verbal reasoning to find the missing figures for the completion of the series or pattern. In order to find the missing figure, a specific point is to be kept in mind that each of them has different processing like in one sector it includes following the pattern of squaring or cubing.

Figure series tricks

The primary trick for solving this question of missing figures can be achieved through visualization skills. In some parts of the figure series trick that can be applied is by design change series or rotational design series. In order to find the figure series tricks, it is vital to understand the question format of this non-verbal reasoning. Candidates must have a clear understanding of angles, movement, rotation and different positions.   

Figure series example 

In the figure series examples of government exams, different types of figure pattern or series can be noticed like the logical figure series, mirror image figure series, water image figure series and more than formulates the questions of the SSC, railway, baking and other aptitude tests of the subject matter. These figure series examples have a particular pattern through which it can be analyzed and once the trick is grabbed, the question pattern of non-verbal reasoning becomes much easier. The reasoning is the mental or intelligence aptitude test where the basic testing of general knowledge can be evaluated by an examinee. Sitting with some examples for a better understanding of the figure series in reasoning are enlisted below. 

Figure 1: Question Figure 

In the above-mentioned figure, a question format is drawn, an answer is given, and this figure series is possible to solve with the help of logical and analytical thinking. Like, if we take a deep look at three consecutive figures of the question it can be inferred that in the first circle no part of the circle is filled with black color, while we take a look at the other consequent figures the number of filled figures gets increased like from 0 to 1 to 2. So the fourth and final file of the final figure series is going to have a figure where 3 triangles are filled with black color. Thus, it follows a particular pattern in solving missing figure series. 


Finding the missing figure in a series of reasoning is a crucial part of government or aptitude exams. In context to the study different tricks and examples can be seen that are cited in the progression of this series completion. On the other hand, it incorporates the change in the inner symbols of the figure that requires depth observation. A question figure is also cited for better understanding and analysis of the subject matter. The study provides a glimpse of sectors where this kind of reasoning comes into act and aids in understanding of the people.

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