American Revolution or American War of Independence: 1775 – 83

American Revolution or American War of Independence: 1775 – 83

World history helps in a better understanding of how and why the world has become like today it is.

World history is important to determine the various significant incidents with their causes, background, and most importantly the result and the impact. The American revolutionary war was significant as it has impacted the world economy majorly. In a further study, the beginning of the American Revolutionary War and its significant influence from various aspects has been briefly discussed.    

What was the American Revolution 

The American revolutionary war was the independence war of the U.S which was  from 1775 to 1783 with the purpose to set up the ruling “United States of America” by refusing the existing British rule. Under British rule, there was the involvement of unpopular taxes that were controlled by the British government which led to a serious conflict that turned into the American revolutionary war.

Beginning purpose of the American Revolution

The primary and core reason for the American revolutionary war was the confrontation between the provinces of America and British regulations. The conflict began on 19th April 1775. 

Chronology of American Revolution

The time range between 1775 and 1783 has witnessed many incidents that have impacted the American Revolution from beginning to its end. The chronology has been described below:

The year 1774 (pre-revolution situation)- America conducted meetings with Virginia and Alexandria that have led towards conflict due to the disagreement with the “Intolerable Acts”. At this point, Fairfax County resolves this matter which is represented to the public courthouse, and further proceeds to the continental congress meeting. In the meeting again a conflict arises due to the disagreement from Washington defending the Boston patriot’s action in the meeting. Here Washington claims to be thinking about the independence of North America.

The year 1775- the First American revolutionary battle started between Concord and Lexington. Washington attends the second meeting of the continental congress delegating from Virginia. The congress analyzes that Britain is proceeding towards North America with their military reinforcement. “Admiral Howe” begins with a plan of a warship. Congress serves a request for reconciliation to King George. King George refuses the request of Adams and Hancock. In the same year, Washington contributed to the acceptance speech by being involved with congress. At this time Breeds Hill battle started when on the other side congress started preparation to prevent the attacks from the north. The American revolutionary battle takes place and continues with numerous life losses and several wounds. 

The year 1776- Washington left Cambridge and wrote to the committee of New York regarding safety. In the last of the same year, Washington also wrote to the general of congress reporting the condition of the troops. 

The year 1777- The army of Washington reproduced the garrison at Princeton. In the same year, the Brandywine battle was started and ended by the “Conway cabal”. 

In the year 1779 Spain announced its war against Britain. After the long period of the American revolutionary war finally Clinton arrived in New York. In the year 1781 Cornwall initiated with a white flag and this was the turning point of the revolutionary war. From here the American revolutionary war has taken a turn towards the resolve which ends in the year 1783 when Washington again reached Vernon Mount. 

Significance of the American Revolution in world history 

While talking about the significance of the American Revolution, the most important point is the formation of the “United States of America” from the “United States” which was under British rule. The American Revolution is also essential and significant in modern history as it was the first democratic movement by the U.S that was also successful. The historians believe that the success of the colonies of America through the American revolutionary war was not only the success in the formation of the new nation. Rather the American Revolution also insinuated the success of the democratic system. Through the American revolutionary war, the American colonies successfully established the independent constitution defeating British rule. From this aspect also the independent constitution of the newly formed “United States of America” is very significant and represents the first generous constitutional democracy. 

Global impact of the American Revolution

The American revolutionary war has impacted its nation from various aspects. Several life losses, material losses are significant among them. However, the revolution also affected the global economic scale. The most significant effect of the American Revolution is the impact on the long-term economy by putting the world economy on the verge of monetarism. The reason behind the major changes was the British rulers before the revolution had developed many restrictions on the economies of the colonials. These include manufacturing and settlements and also have limited trade rules. After the American Revolution, a certain change in all these economic factors has put the world in a mercantile economy.  The American Revolution discovers new trades and markets. 


The American revolutionary war was the war for ensuring the independence of the under-ruled United States from ruling Britain. It was not a conflict of any single day or month rather it took place for eight years. Meanwhile, many significant incidents happened which are important to know about world history. In this context, the chronology of the revolution along with other significant aspects has been discussed.