Agriculture and Land Development-Agriculture Production

 Agriculture and Land Development-Agriculture Production

Agriculture is very important for a country like India. Its Agriculture Production helps sustain its own people and helps earn money by selling away the produced crops. Let's learn more about Indian agriculture with the help of this article.

India is one of the few farming nations/agricultural nations. This means that we are dependent on the Agriculture Production that our nation will do, and certain items that are not found naturally in the country are imported. Therefore, agricultural Production in India is not just important for ourselves, but we also use the produce from our lands to earn money by exporting it to other nations. All this production necessary for our sustenance takes place on a limited land unevenly distributed across the nation, and not all land is equally capable and efficient in churning outcrops. So land development becomes another important aspect of agriculture production. 


Agriculture Production is the practice of raising plants and animals for human consumption. While the concept seems simple and easy, it involves a lot of complex work behind the scenes. For example, every land has a different type of soil that may be suitable for certain crops, and so only those crops can be harvested in such places. Besides that, weather plays an important part in deciding which crops will be produced. 

In the case of animals, they too are found as per geography. Cooler places will have more furry animals, and warm places will have less haired animals, so cattle raised on farmlands may differ from state to state. 

Plants and animals both give out different substances that come in use to humans as a source of food. All the items bring different vitamins, proteins, nutrients, and other necessary elements to the table. 

Land Development 

While Agriculture Production in India is very important for sustenance, the need to have land to produce crops is another important issue. One can build farmland or an appropriate set-up for production, but it may be a very expensive process. 

Let’s say you were to create fertile land out of a desert area. First, you would need to bring in lots of fertile soil from other locations. You would also need to level the land and burn away any waste material growing on that land. This process not only becomes long and arduous but is also very costly. 

The restoration of dead land may be another option to get land up and running for Agriculture Production. However, here again, a lot of factors will need to be kept in mind before such a measure can be taken. 

To make the land suitable for Agricultural Production, one may have to check the soil pH levels, quality, water content, surrounding ecosystem, etc. Converting forest land into a Production area may be the best option that one can go about. However, here again, having roads, making the land habitable for crops and bringing in proper facilities to facilitate the growth of crops will be important. 

Agriculture Production in India

India is a very diverse nation not just when it comes to religions but also in terms of land quality. The different States have extreme winters, summers or rainy seasons depending on their location in respect to the coast or other factors. 

Other than that, Indian lands have black soil, red soil, desert soil, clayey soil and other such different soils spread across the country, and each soil has its own quality characteristics like being more water retentive or needing abundant water. Numerous other factors paired with these factors impact Agriculture Production.

Items such as spices and plantation crops are exported from our nation due to production in abundance. Other than that, India produces the highest quantity of pulses and jute and so is naturally the leading exporter of both those items. Items like cotton and sugarcane too are exported from India, and we are the second-largest producer of these items. 


So that’s all about Agriculture in India. Soil, weather, area, etc., play a big part in deciding what a country or state can produce. In a diverse country like India, the Agriculture picture is different in each state, city and village. India, due to its varying soil quality, type and land structure, is the front runner in exporting a lot of crops while it also is not capable of producing certain items and thus we import them from others.