Abbreviated or Alternative Names

Abbreviated or Alternative Names

The term abbreviation is derived from the Latin word Brevis, which means Short. Abbreviation means a shortened form of any phrase or any word. In world history along with ancient history, many long phrases and words take too much time to enunciate. These names were given some shortened term or abbreviation and also in some cases alternative names that are easy to pronounce. These abbreviations that get used in the historic field can contain initials only. In the case of the alternative names that were given to any historic character, any ancient place or any famous war are also derived from some historic background or story.

Why world history is abbreviated

Here this phrase does not mean the abbreviation of any single phrase or word that has an individual meaning. This phrase of abbreviated world history means that the whole world history has been shortened by some methods. With every passing day, a day has been added to the world history record. So, this record of world history gets broader day by day. In order to be specific with every section of the world, history must need to be abbreviated. After doing the specification in the matters of world history, it has become easy for the reader to read a specific section. It has also become for those readers who want to know about a particular section within a short period.

Abbreviated names of personalities

There are many important personalities in world history. They are given some alternative names by the common people and in some cases, these names were given by some other famous personalities. Some of these alternative names were also given by the government for their special contribution in some positive fields. These people are mostly known by their alternative names than their original names. There are some important historical persons whose alternative names get famous after their death. Unfortunately, people did not recognise them at their present time. They became famous for their work and they get the name that is related to their famous contribution to world history. Almost every great historical personality gets alternative names according to their most famous contribution in the historical field.

Some of these historic persons who are more famous with their alternative names than their original names have been mentioned in this section. Alexander is known as Alexander the Great. He did a massive job or huge accomplishment to get the title of the great. He died only at the age of thirty-two but at time he ruled over three continents that covered almost two million square miles. Then queen Elizabeth ii, her original name is Lilibet. She got this name from her family. There are many other personalities from science, politics and other backgrounds who are famous in world history by their alternative names.

Subhas Chandra Bose from India was a great leader. He helped the Indian people to fight against the British organisations. He even ran away from the police and while living out of the country he was active in his mission of making India a free country. He is commonly known as Netaji to his native people. He is also known as the Beacon of Light of Asia. Again there is another historical character from India who is famous by his alternative name and he is the first prime minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru. He loves the children so much and has done many things for the betterment of the children. For his contributions, he was called and commonly known as Chaha by the children.

Importance of abbreviated names

Abbreviations are used to shorten any term or phrase that is difficult to pronounce and takes space when used in written form. There are many fields where one must have to use the abbreviated terms otherwise it will not look good. In a research paper, there are places where one has to use abbreviated terms. There are abstracts, introductions and summaries in the research paper. In recent times, they get permission to use abbreviations in any article or journal. As these abstracts and executive summaries need to be written in brief and elaboration in these sections is not the proper way to write. So in these sections, abbreviations are important to use. Different types of blueprints and presentations need to be completed in limited slights. In order to fill it with every important data, abbreviations must be used.


This topic of world history mainly sheds light on the abbreviation and alternative names that are given to the historical terms or phrases. This chapter begins with a meta description that provides a brief description of abbreviations and alternative terms. In the introduction section, the meaning of abbreviations or alternative names and also their use in the historical background were discussed. In the discussion chapter, some facts were discussed. These facts are about the reasons why world history is abbreviated; abbreviated names of personalities from the field of world history; some important abbreviated names were also discussed. At the end of this paper, a short FAQ session is also given in order to make this paper easy and efficient at the same time for the reader.