Eligibility Test

Eligibility Test

The eligibility test is a process of recruiting candidates for different positions. Eligibility tests are huge in their number and each is conducted for one particular purpose.


Eligibility tests are taken in each recruitment and it could be in government jobs, corporate jobs, admission in academic institutions, and others. It is an effective method approached by numerous organizations to recruit qualified candidates so that organizational operations could be accomplished. Subjects and criteria of different eligibility tests are different from each other and a specific study is necessary for candidates to qualify. 

What is an Eligibility test

In eligibility tests, government and private institutions are conducted so that they could provide facilities to comparatively better applicants. Government institutions and private institutions have different criteria for applicants to take part in their tests of recruiting the best applicants as per qualification. Tests are conducted by institutes in search of better candidates and as per the demand of recruitments institutions conduct exams. The government has formed numerous authoritative bodies to conduct tests and the majority of eligibility tests are taken online. In order to sit in these tests applicants have to fill out application forms and in forms, aspirants are instructed about exams.Eligibility tests in government sectors

Central and state governments conduct numerous exams throughout the year so that eligible candidates could get the best opportunities. Aspirants of government jobs or admission in higher government institutes need to pass eligibility tests. As competition has risen to a higher level, the level of eligibility tests has also risen so that the best-qualified candidates could be scrutinized. Government offers all types of jobs to candidates to get qualified aspirants for all government posts. In all government exams, they set qualifying marks and candidates have to obtain their qualifying marks, otherwise candidates would not be able to qualify for tests. All government posts of A, B, C, D groups scrutinize candidates with help of eligibility tests so that the government can perform an effective recruitment process. Even in universities, university authorities conduct tests because they have limited sit capability and they have ample amounts of applications from candidates in different streams. 

Eligibility tests in the private sector

Private institutions sometimes appreciate qualifying certificates of government eligibility tests such as in proven engineering institutions GATE qualifying certificates help take admission. In order to get a job in the private sector, candidates have to pass tests that they conduct before recruitments. Private institutions have different types of processes in conducting tests for interested candidates and tests are conducted as per need of corporations. They follow face-to-face interviews, written tests, personality tests, and these tests are conducted by corporate hierarchies because they have better knowledge about single posts of organizations. The benchmark of qualifying tests is set by higher authorities and eligibility tests are conducted in a structural process. In order to get a job in corporate sectors candidates have to obtain good marks in their academic career and as per reports of academic career of candidate corporate sectors offers jobs to candidates. 

Different types of eligibility tests

The government conducts different types of tests for recruitment in various posts and these exams decide the fates of candidates.


It is a national level exam and this exam is conducted by the “Union Public Service Commission”. Through this examination, this board scrutinizes candidates for different governmental posts such as IAS, IFS, IPS, and others. In order to justify these posts’ criteria to qualify this exam has been extended so that appropriate candidates could be recruited. Candidates have to pass in three steps of this exam as this exam scrutinizes aspirants in three steps. These three steps are CSAT (Prelims Exam), Main’s exam, and lastly personal interview. This exam is conducted every year and it is an offline exam. MCQs, subjective and objective questions are asked to tests the eligibility of candidates

“Staff Selection Commission- Combined Graduate Level Examination (SSC)” 

Candidates qualified in this test are offered jobs as government officials and they are posted in different government organizations, ministries, and departments. Qualified aspirants are offered Group-B or Group-C posts and they have to qualify four stages of this exam. Government organizations such as “Indian Coast Guard”, IB (Intelligence Bureau), “Ministry of Railways”, “Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and others. This exam is conducted in two languages, Hindi and English. 

“Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS PO)”

In this eligibility test, aspirants are recruited as “Probationary Officers” and these officers are of public banks. It is conducted by the “Institute of Banking Personnel Selection” and it is a national level exam.


In order to conclude this article “eligibility tests” in different sectors have benefited different organizations in recruiting productive candidates. As in the current situation, the government is conducting numerous exams for different purposes that are time-consuming. Due to this reason, the government has decided to conduct the “Common Eligibility Test” (CET) and qualified candidates would be recruited in both corporate and government sectors. It would help candidates to develop their performance because it would enrich knowledge of aspirants on a higher level. Eligibility criteria would be different for different posts and it would be conducted by the “National Recruitment Agency ”.