Choosing the Odd Figure

Choosing the Odd Figure

Selecting the odd figure is a crucial part of reasoning based problem solving as it identifies the odd one out and excludes it from the list.


The odd figure refers to the list of figures from which a figure is excluded from the list due to dissimilarity. It further states that identification of odd figures is done on the basis of examining the list of figures and inspecting any difference in the figures and if any difference is being identified then it can be eliminated from the list. It further signifies that it can be excluded based on the pattern of figures, that is while inspecting all the figures it can be seen that each figure follows a specific trend except the one which does not follow the same pattern.

Odd figures: Explanation

Odd figures are referred to as the exception of a specific figure from a group of figures which implies the distinction of that figure in terms of pattern, trends and shapes. It states that it is a key part of the reasoning based questions and needs analytical skills to solve the questions. It further states that being able to identify the odd figure improves the thinking ability to effectively analyze the figures in order to find the odd one out and obtain a result.  

Odd figures: Classification

Odd figures can be classified into various types which include, gyration of the identical figure in which the rotated forms are both anti-clockwise and clockwise direction. The figure which emerges to be distinct from others is the figure which is unable to satin by the rotation of other figures. It can also be classified based on the number of elements which states that the odd figures can be identified based on the total elements in the figures. This further states it can be analyzed by evaluating odd and even numbers of lines which are present in the figures as well as the ratio between several elements and lines. Division of figures is another type of classification which is done on an unequal and equal division of statistics in a specified ratio. The similarity of figures helps in classifying the odd figures on the basis of orientation, a measure of angle, method of presentation and shape. It can be categorized based on the relation between the figure elements which signifies that the elements bear a definite relationship in which an odd figure has no existence. It basically involves the shape of elements which are included in the figures and the inversion of elements. It can also be categorized by analyzing the interior and exterior elements which implies that a figure is formed by inclusion of more than two elements. It further implies that some elements might lie in the interior portion of other elements while others might recline in the exterior part of the other elements. 

Odd figures: Significance

Identification and selection of odd figures aid the ability of a candidate to solve the odd one out problems which requires critical thinking skills and effective analytical skills. It also tests the potential as to how the candidate is utilizing the skills in solving the problems based on odd figures. This further implies that selection of odd figures requires identification of each figure in the group and determining a specific trend and pattern so as to exclude it from the group. It states that specifications of trends and lines help in making the approach of figuring out the odd figures simpler. It can further be stated that an effective understanding of the concept will aid in solving the question efficiently. 


An odd figure is stated to be the uneven figure which implies the exclusion of a figure from a group which is totally different from others as it infuses the trend which others are following. This concludes that choosing an odd figure is important as it examines the cognitive potentiality of a candidate. It further concludes that eliminating odd figures states the relationship between the figures in terms of shapes, trends and patterns. It is basically an approach of solving the reasoning based problems and obtaining an accurate answer for a clear understanding of the concept related to the odd figure evaluation process.

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