Arranging Words

Arranging Words

Arranging words defines the right arrangement of words that indicates a meaningful sentence. There are different methods to arrange the words in a sentence.


Arranging words describe the arrangement of words that can make meaningful sentences. Students can rearrange the words into sentences after understanding the meaning of the words. For arranging words, students should be grammatically sound. Not only can the sentence making the words be arranged alphabetically. Arranging words can be done in ascending and descending order. This is important to know the relation among the words to arrange it. 

Concept of arranging words

The arrangement of the words that make a meaningful sentence is called syntax. Words can be arranged in clauses, sentences, and phrases. This is very important to understand the formation of the sentences and the relation among the components of the sentences. They should know the position of the subject, object, main verb, and the grammatical relationship in the sentence. Sentences can be formed from different groups of words or phrases. Arranging words can make the students grammatically sound. Words can be arranged grammatically, alphabetically, and based on phrases. 

  • The necessity of arranging words
  • Arranging words can increase the vocabulary of the students
  • Students can be grammatically sound
  • Students can point out individual words within a line
  • Students can understand the Logical order of words
  • They can learn new words and enrich their vocabulary
  • Strengthen the grammatical knowledge by arranging words
  • Improve the knowledge of the alphabet, awareness of phonemic and enhance the knowledge of words
  • The concept of words is the developmental process of learning the language
  • Different types of test arranging words

Arrange by the alphabet

One can arrange the words based on the alphabetic order. It can be done in ascending and descending order. Students can match alphabets and form the word. They can learn the Logical order of words and the alphabet. It can improve sentence construction. For example- students can arrange words from A to Z or Z to A. Dictionaries are arranged in that way. One can find the word by searching it alphabetically. Therefore, if the first alphabet matches with another, then search by the second alphabet of the word.  

Blending and segmenting activities

Arranging words can be tested by blending them. In the lower standards, children learn to arrange the words. They can segment the words based on the given category. It will build knowledge about the meaning of the words. For example, if a child has to segment the words based on the adjectives then the child should know the concept of adjectives. Suppose there are such words- rat, cat, mat, slow, fast, bus, and ugly. These are the blended words and one has to identify the adjectives and segment them and the segmentation will be slow, fast, and ugly.

Jumble words

Arranging words can be done from the jumble words. There can be different letters that are not arranged in the Logical order of alphabets. Students may ask to rearrange the word in the Logical order of words. For example, these are the given words- “d-a-r-h-c-l-e-t-a” and after arranging it would be “cathedral”. It can be done the same for a sentence such as students have asked to rearrange this sentence “important/games/studies/are/as/as” and after the rearranging it would be “Games are as important as studies”. Jumble words are a tool of the word game. It can enhance the knowledge of sentence structure. 

Logical order of words

The logical order of words indicates the basic arrangements of the words according to a certain order and that can be their occurrence, size, and the alphabetic or dictionary order. The grammatically correct order is very important to arrange words and this is the most valuable Logical order of words. For arranging the sentence in the logical order firstly, it is important to read the sentence carefully to understand the meaning of the sentence and match the sequence of the activities. Then one can arrange the words grammatically correct and produce the meaning of the sentence. 


Arranging words can be a game that helps a child to improve the skill of learning. It can be used as a game tool and no one gets bored playing with this. On the other hand, it increases the vocabulary and develops the thinking skill. Due to that reason, children learn these games from childhood.